Former State Prosecutor and Advocate Leah Klein Joins JCW Board of Advisors

Klein brings with her over 20 years of experience prosecuting violent crimes in Miami Dade county, and advising youth-serving organizations in the Orthodox Jewish community. After graduating from the Cardoza School of Law in 1995, Leah Klein began her career in the state attorney’s office in the eleventh judicial circuit of Miami Dade county. She […]

A grateful survivor, a grateful mother

By Ora Barkai Most children grow up believing that most people are good. That love is good. But for so many, the new world they encounter is a silent torturous world fraught with shady individuals who exploit their innocence. Hungry wolves are waiting in the shadows to pounce on the young and tender lambs who […]

Watching the Chanukah flames – A survivor reflects

I’m sitting here on Chanukah night watching the small flames flickering on my menorah. The room is dark. The lights are off and the only thing lighting up the room are the small flames on the menorah. I’m on my couch depleted of all strength. I’m feeling dark and empty both physically and emotionally. My […]