Connect With Survivors

JCW’s virtual support groups on Whatsapp aim to connect survivors from Jewish communities all over the world. Wherever you are, whatever you’ve been through- you are not alone. Take the opportunity to talk to others who can understand what you’ve experienced and relate to your day-to-day struggles and triumphs in a safe and judgement- free space.

**These groups are moderated by a peer-facilitator. JCW interviews each survivor before they join the support group, but we cannot take responsibility for the content shared in the group. If a survivor feels triggered or is uncomfortable with anything shared in the group we encourage you to share your feedback and concerns with us. While participants are asked to agree to honor the confidentiality of group members, but JCW can not take responsibility for the confidentiality of information shared in the group.
If a group member feels unsafe and is triggered to self-harm or harm others, it is important that you seek the care of a qualified medical professional or call 911.

CONTACT US to join a group or learn more