15 Unmeasurably Painful Things Said To Me and Other Victims Of Abuse

  • “I don’t believe you”
  • “Just get over it”
  • “i don’t know why you are so caught up with this. It happened so many years ago”
  • “Let it go. The past is in the past”
  • “He/she was too young to have abused you”
  • “Do you even know what abuse is?”
  • “Shhhh… It’s Loshon Hara”
  • “That isn’t ‘real’ abuse”
  • “I know other people who were abused and they aren’t like you. You have a problem”
  • “You are an attention seeker”
  • “How do you know you didn’t really want it too?’’
  • “But you asked for it”
  • “Well, dressed the way you do I can understand him/her”
  • “You are making it up”
  • “Liar”
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