Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt responds to N.Y. Times story

JTA NEW YORK (JTA) — Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt asserted his innocence in his first public comment since the publication of a New York Times article about his habit of inviting young males to join him for naked heart-to-heart talks in the sauna. In a letter sent Thursday to congregants of his Orthodox synagogue, the Riverdale Jewish Center […]

If you only knew how I’m hanging by a thread

I wrote the following poem while here for weeks in a PTSD Hospital (together) with (other) girls who have anorexia… I’m struggling between life and death and tried expressing myself to JCW as a voice of a sexual abuse surviver. -anonymous Oh G-d where are you Did you forget me here? I’ve cried aloud to […]

How I Stopped a Man Who Was Grooming

Republished from Parenting Safe Children By Melina Stock, Chicago Mom Years before I had my own son, I was working as a nanny for a family who had three young daughters. During that time, it was discovered that a classmate of their eldest daughter, Bea, (name changed to protect her anonymity) was being sexually abused […]

Coping with Flashbacks

By Matthew Tull, PhD Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) Expert Written or reviewed by a board-certified physician. See About.com’s Medical Review Board. Many people with PTSD struggle in coping with flashbacks. Flashbacks are considered one of the re-experiencing symptoms of PTSD. In a flashback, a person may feel or act as though a traumatic event is […]

New York Times OP-ED: Surviving Child Sexual Abuse

By Charles M. Blow Last month came the news that Josh Duggar, now-former executive director of the Family Research Council’s lobbying arm and eldest son on the TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting,” had apologized and said he had “acted inexcusably.” As In Touch Weekly magazine put it: “Josh Duggar was investigated for multiple sex […]