Teaching Kids to Recognize Grooming

Republished from schoolcounselingbyheart.com When thinking about perpetrators of child sexual abuse, many people picture an image of a creepy stranger. Parents and schools generally do a pretty good job of teaching their kids about “stranger danger.” But this is not where most of the danger lies. The vast majority of sexual abusers are known to […]

Former teacher facing new sex assault charges

CJN Reports: Stephen Joseph Schacter, a former teacher at two Toronto-area Jewish day schools, was re-arrested this week in connection with several new sexual offences. Schacter, 55, was charged with one count of gross indecency, one count of sexual interference, one count of sexual exploitation and two counts of sexual assault. Police say the charges date […]

Former Toronto Day School Head Arrested On Child Porn Charges In California

Canadian Jews News Reports The one-time director of Leo Baeck School in Toronto was arrested in California earlier this month on child pornography charges. David Prashker, 60, was charged Feb. 22 with possession and distribution of child pornography and attempting to destroy evidence. Prashker served as director of Leo Baeck School from 2004 to 2008, […]

“Mommy, why don’t I know my uncles” The pain of incest

Dear God, It’s hard to feel and be in my life. I want to forget. I feel shattered. I feel broken. Today is my daughter’s sixth birthday. Six years of her having a safe, protective and loving environment. Six years of tender love from my husband and myself. Her voice was always heard, never crushed. […]

To my dear broken heart

To my dear brothers and sisters, to mothers, fathers, and any caregivers of young, precious, and innocent souls: I feel compelled to write about the vicious and cruel acts that were perpetrated against me. It’s hard to truly be honest about what he’s done to me, especially in a community that chooses sometimes to protect […]

Living- not just surviving

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. That sentence sounds so official and intimidating as if it’s a diagnosis. As if that sentence is forever going to precede every action and every thought I ever have. And yes, once upon a time being a survivor was the most important thing I ever had to […]