Safety Alert: Seattle

Stephen Ruskin, a Seattle resident, was charged with child molestation and sentenced to 90 days in prison after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of “Communication with minor for immoral purposes”.   Ruskin’s attorney was able to influence a judge that because of his religious piety, his sentence should be postponed till after pesach. Ruskin […]

Have You Seen Chisdai Ben-Porat?

Canadian citizen Chisdai Ben-Porat pleaded guilty to indecent assault without the consent of others (18 Pa. C.S. § 3126) in 2014. His passport was taken from him and he was escorted to the Canadian border by U.S. Immigration upon his release. He was required to register as a sex offender in Pennsylvania under Megan’s Law […]

Safety Alert Toronto – Dovid Leib Chaikin

Rabbi Dovid Leib Chaikin was posted several years ago to the wall of Shame after a thorough investigation revealed that he allegedly molested numerous children. It has come to our attention that Chaikin is lecturing in the Toronto area. Chaikin remains an extreme danger to children and it goes without saying that this man should […]

I’m a survivor: on pesach, redemption is what I need

It’s 2015 and I was sitting at the seder table, Hearing the story of my ancestors being freed, I began to cry in silence, Because redemption is what I need. The Jews in Egypt went through hell, Burying each other because it was too much to survive, I think of days I am falling apart, […]

Preventing Abuse in Jewish Organizations that Serve Youth: Ten Policies to Create Safer Environments

By Shira M. Berkovits It is critical for leaders of youth-serving organizations (YSOs) to adopt child-protection policies proactively, before they are faced with a problem. Policies clarify acceptable and unacceptable behaviors that guide adults to model safe interactions with children. When a policy is well communicated, it becomes integral to institutional culture and its violations […]

JCW Responds To Rabbi Rosenfeld

On March 8th in response to a Newsweek article that details multiple incidents of alleged physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by certain staff members of Oholei Torah, including two who currently teach there, Rabbi Sholom Rosenfeld addressed a letter to Oholei Torah parents promising and giving his word that the yeshiva is safe. He stated […]

Israel Safety Alert – Chaim Gajer

Chaim Gajer, who was added to the JCW wall of shame after a lengthy investigation for allegedly molesting a number of minors, has been seen in Israel. It is unclear if Gajer is there for a visit or if he moved to Israel permanently. If you or someone you know were abused by Chaim Gajer […]

When I needed help and support there was only one place to turn

By Menachem Schoenes I will never forget sitting in that nice office lined with religious books being told it never happened. I had come to a religious community leader to ask for help. I had been fondled inappropriately. “Religious people do not do such things,” he said. “Don’t you know what God has said about […]

Fugitive Jewish school principal Malka Leifer sued for sex abuse

The Australian Reports Fugitive Jewish headmistress Malka Leifer will now battle ­authorities in two countries after a former student and teacher at a Melbourne girls’ school last week launched legal action against the former principal for serial sexual abuse. The woman is the sister of ­another victim who was last year awarded $1.27 million for […]

The scars of my past

By Bracha Braun Summer is coming. It’s a time when I always get stares for the scars of my past. People cannot understand why someone would want to physically harm themselves and I understand that there’s not even a way for me to explain it because you’ve had to have gone through something that made […]