You Will Be OK

Last month JCW Israel finished it’s first women’s survivors support group in Jerusalem. At the end of the group we asked the amazing participants to share their words of wisdom and advice to survivors who are early on in their journey of healing, a place very familiar to every one of them from not that […]

300 Orthodox Rabbis Unite To Combat Child Sexual Abuse Epidemic

In an unprecedented and crucially positive step forward, 300 Orthodox Rabbis signed a proclamation regarding child safety in the Orthodox Jewish community. Synagogues and schools are called upon to adopt certain preventative measures outlined in the document to deter child abuse and child sexual abuse. The Rabbinic signatories consist of member Rabbis of the Orthodox […]

A mother’s Eicha

Admin’s Note: Yesterday we posted a letter from a mother whose child had been abused by a cousin, here is a personal version of Eicha she submitted to JCW. Photo for illustration purposes only. איכה ישבה בדד העיר רבתי עם How is it possible that me, a family person, one who has kept my family […]

Am I putting my son in danger?

By Pattie Fitzgerald,  child safety educator, founder of and prevention education adviser to JCW. When our kids are very young, it’s often easier to control who they play with and what they’re doing.  As they grow up, we often question when to let go or what types of relationships are safe or healthy.  A […]