David Shapiro Arrested On Embezzlement Related Charges

Several months ago, Jewish Community Watch (JCW), an organization which combats child sexual abuse, noticed several internal financial irregularities. JCW immediately brought this to the attention of the North Miami Beach Police Department and fully cooperated with their investigation. That investigation culminated today with the arrest of Mr. Shapiro on charges of grand theft, identify […]

The Confusion Of Incest

Originally published in Neshamas. My adoration for him was the moon and sun, The sky and earth. Even after my my blocked memories resurfaced, And my seething anger ceased, I still saw him, Through those bright blue eyes, And blue Bais Yaakov uniform. He was still my special brother, The one who protected me. The […]

A Letter to myself as a little girl – מכתב לילדה הקטנה שבליבי

כואב לי שכואב לך. כואב לי שההורים שלי לא ידעו כואב לי שהרס והחריב את החיים שלי כואב לי שאני חיה אותו כל פעם מחדש כואב לי שאני חושבת עליו כואב לי ששלט בי כואב לי שנגע בגוף שלי כואב לי כואב לי שלא נוח לי בגוף שלי כואב לי שאני “קשה” על עצמי כואב […]

Is There An Exit? A Survivor’s Poem

Songs of hope fail me. Dance of faith walks away from me. Left alone, In the shadows of darkness. Left to be, In the mercy of light.   For light of day so far, Do I see.   For dark of night, Not only near, Yet, Within me.   Escape this death of, Abuse. My […]