(VIDEO) Monthly Expert: Dennis Brown MA, NCACII, RAS, CSAT

What should I do if I am sexually attracted to children? What should a parent or teacher do if their son or student acknowledges having a sexual interest in children? Why do child sexual abusers abuse? Can our community prevent abuse by offering treatment to those at risk of abusing? Dennis Brown MA, NCACII, RAS, CSAT, […]

This Pesach, Let Your Secret Go!

The exodus from Egypt is not just an event that took place 3,330 years ago; instead, it is something we each experience in various ways in our everyday lives. For the thousands of people who were sexually abused as children, the journey from victim to survivor can be a personal exodus from Egypt. Just like […]

Let It Go – A Poem by a Survivor

I need to let go of my abuser. I need to leave his apartment. I need to leave even though I got loving attention, and yummy chocolate cookies. it’s hard to let it go because his touch felt nice, fun and pleasurable. It’s hard to let It all go because it’s all attached very tight […]

Dutch Jewish Community distances itself from Chief Rabbi Jacobs

The organization representing the Jewish community in Amsterdam has severed ties with Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs because of the Chief Rabbi’s involvement in covering up child sexual abuse. This is according to a letter by David Brilleslijper, Chairman of the Jewish community of Amsterdam (NIHS), which was obtained by The Parool. (A leading Dutch newspaper.) These […]

Dear Jewish Community Watch

Dear Jewish Community Watch, When hurt, we fill with feelings of hate, regret, and shame Our whole entire life almost feels like a game A long and painful game, one which we have never played The game is against us; we start to lose, and begin to fade It is lonely and very daunting And […]

Rabbi Grossman Retracts Malka Leifer Offer. Statement and Response from JCW

Official Statement from Rabbi Grossman Enterprise מפעולות הרב גרוסמן Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman informed the parties this morning, Monday 12/03, that he is unable to assist in Malka Leifer’s legal case. Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Israel Prize recipient, has dedicated, and continuous to dedicate, his life to assisting the disadvantaged, families at need, at-risk children and […]

A Purim Letter to my Abuser – And God

Dear Abuser, It’s the day before Purim and I’d like to share my thoughts with you even though you don’t even deserve anything from me. No you won’t be getting mishloach manos from me this year. I know that a few years ago I used to give you but that was then. That was before […]