Here’s what many abuse victims live with on a daily basis

Dear friends, It’s been a long day for me and I’m laying in my bed and feeling a beautiful feeling. It comes only once in a great while and usually doesn’t last that long. It’s a feeling of true inner peace. It’s the most beautiful and serene feeling. There’s simply no inner turmoil. There’s no […]

That Day

That day he stripped away my self-worth, layer by layer, until I was no more. That day a life-long secret was born hiding in the shadows of forced smiles and “I’m fines” That day my innocent childhood came to an abrupt halt. Forcing me to jump into unknown waters. That day shall never be forgotten, […]

Summer Safety – Arm Yourself

knowledge is power As summer approaches, please arm yourself and your children with the tools needed to protect against anyone that may try to harm them. The resources you’ll find below were compiled by JCW and are intended for parents, children and camp staff. Please share! You may save a child’s life. For Parents Summer […]

A morning prayer from a survivor

Dear Hashem, Good morning. It’s me, your struggling and confused son. If it’s morning outside, that would mean that I need to get up and go out to work. It would mean that it’s the beginning of a new day. I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to face the world. I don’t […]

Dear Abusers

Dear abusers, I’m a victim of a long and painful molestation story and I want to reach out to you to share some of my pain and give you some insight as to the amount of damage you will inflict on your prey. Today is the anniversary of my abuse. Yesterday was the anniversary, and […]

A Rosh Chodesh Prayer

Dear Hashem, It’s Rosh Chodesh morning and I’m sitting at home davening shachris. I’m davening at home because I don’t have the strength to go to shul and face all my triggers there. I also don’t have the strength to face everyone and pretend to be happy. I’m not happy and I don’t have the […]

An In-depth Look at Sex Offender Registries

JCW frequently receives questions about Sex Offender Registries in the United States. Specifically, people wonder how someone could be removed from the registry, or why they are still on the Wall of Shame after being removed from the registry. This summary outlines some of the laws and background behind registries, and the parameters as they […]

NYC & Israel Alert! Yitzi Rosman charged with child sexual abuse

On April 4th, Yitzi/Yitzchak Rosman (aka Eugene) was arrested and subsequently indicted on multiple charges of child sexual abuse of a minor. SVU detectives are urging anyone who has information or who has been hurt by this man to call Detective Lavin of the Special Victims Unit at 718-330-5676 or 929-354-5790. If you are in […]

Rabbi Yair Hoffman Responds To An Open Letter from a Survivor

Dear Survivor, I read the open letter you published on the Jewish Community Watch website. Firstly, an apology to you is in order – to you and to your fellow survivors of abuse.  Until now, we have been derelict in our responsibility to ensure the safety of our most precious possession – our youth, the […]

An abuse survivor’s vision of Moshiach’s arrival

The day is coming. There’s no denial about it. I don’t know when it will come but I hope it will come soon. It’s the day when all the truth will be revealed. It’s the day when all pain will end. It will be on that beautiful day that our loving Father will take us […]

New Addition to the WOS: Steven Joseph Schacter of Toronto

Last week, Steven Joseph Schacter of Toronto, Canada was found guilty of possessing child pornography. Schacter previously taught in two different Jewish schools in Toronto, and was arrested in December 2015 after he was witnessed viewing images of child porn at a public computer. Years prior to the arrest for child pornography, Schacter had been […]

Dutch Chief Rabbi Steps Down From School Board

Earlier today, Rabbi Binyamin Jacobs resigned his position as the Vice-President of the Board of the Amsterdam Cheider school. This news comes after months of high-profile reports that Rabbi Jacobs had covered up at least three cases of child sexual abuse, and days after the Minister of Education in the Netherlands ordered an investigation into […]

Dutch Minister orders investigation into Amsterdam Cheider

The Minister of Education for the Netherlands, Arie Slob, has ordered an investigation into how the Cheider of Amsterdam handled the 2012 case of sexual abuse by Ephraim Schrijver, a former teacher in the school, who was convicted last week and sentenced to two years imprisonment. An investigation by the NRC newspaper, which included interviews […]