WALL OF SHAME ADDITION – Tzvi Hirsh Spielman

Tzvi Hirsh Spielman Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY After confirming the results of a lengthy investigation, JCW hereby warns the community that Tzvi Hirsh Spielman is alleged to have molested multiple children, male and female, who were between the ages of 8 and 14. Spielman has previously worked as a substitute teacher. If you or someone […]

Today I just cry

I am sitting here a shell of a person, bleeding from wounds that I thought were long healed. For so long I thought that I was moving forward but in a family of incest and dysfunction, somehow, I keep getting pulled back in; Allowing myself to be victimized over and over in hopes that maybe […]

Beautiful Yom Kippur story for survivors

There was once a family, not long ago, that had the most wonderful parents and seven beautiful children. Life for both the children and the parents was that of a dream family. Suddenly, one Shabbos afternoon, without any warning, tragedy struck and the mother collapsed. Hatzalah was quickly called and despite their many desperate attempts […]