As I hold my baby son

By a survivor It’s been a long and difficult day for me. I came home and sat on my couch holding my beautiful baby in my arms, watching him stare into my eyes. His gaze was penetrating deep into me. Deep into my wounded soul. Soothing my bleeding heart. Caressing my aching soul. After a […]

Me against the storm

Sailing down the river in my beautiful custom boat, filled with every luxurious upgrade that one can dream of. As I’m smoothly traveling along the magnificently beautiful ocean, seeing in the far distance how the blue of the sky and that of the ocean blend together as one. This scene is almost too much to […]

Dear Rabbi, you could have stopped my abuse!

Dear Rabbi,  I write to you with a mixture of extreme pain, anguish and anger. Where were you? What were you thinking? Where was your intuition? I knew you realized something was amiss because you made a face when you came into my dorm room and saw my abuser sitting on my bed. But it […]