If only…

If only the walls of my room would have a voice, they would speak of the amount of tears I’ve shed behind closed doors. If only the voicemail on my phone would say the truth, it would say that I don’t mean to ignore you, I just don’t have the emotional energy to talk. If […]


By Yisroael Ben Simcha Understanding all the tapestry. Woven cloths that make me sing. I love the tapestry of trees. Woven, yet people see what I cannot Children learn like me. Yet I cannot see their tapestry. Their knowledge is centered. Mine is not. I still hear the voice of my Aunt. Willing and promising […]

Why am I ashamed?

“Tell me why you feel ashamed”, you asked. “Please help me understand. You were just an innocent child, And you suffered at his hand.” “Why are you so scared to talk? Why are the words so hard to say?” I close my eyes, and hold my breath, I can’t help but look away. The words […]