22-Year-Old Teaneck Native Arrested in Jerusalem for Alleged Rape of 13-Year-Old Girl

Michael Elbogen, 22, was arrested two weeks ago on suspicion of rape and sodomy of a 13-year-old girl in Jerusalem who he had met online.

Upon his arrest, evidence on his phone indicated that he may have committed sexual offences against other girls in the past.

The police allege that the 13-year-old girl told Elbogen that she was 14 while Elbogen’s attorney asserts that the acts were consensual and that the victim “zigzagged” about her age.

Michael is originally from Teaneck, NJ and made aliyah last year.

If you or someone you know was abused by this man, please contact your local police department. If you are in need of support or help with reporting, please contact JCW’s US office at 888-JCW-4852 and Israel office at 02- 372-4105

You can read the full report about the arrest in Hebrew here.

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