Seeing You In An Orange Jumpsuit

Seeing you in orange is the last image in my head
Replacing the ones where you control my life instead
Keeping me silent for over a decade and then some
Holding me hostage to the fear, all numb

Well I’m not a bad person for outing you
You are cruel for having done what you do
The people in my life who needed to keep me safe
Chose hiding behind a lie in order to save face

Saving the face of your brother over your child
That’s how twisted and crazy and wild
Your stupidity trying to convince me to shut up
Pretenses and acts was all you could put up

But the truth did prevail as it always gets done
And God listened to my heart and the hearts of broken ones
When the judge hit the gavel and the sentence declared
Oh baby. It felt like a celebration of 30 years..

30 years being cuffed in the orange jumpsuit you’re in
30 years of being held hostage in
A cell, a jail, a prison, whatever, so [expletive] it
30 years still doesn’t cut it

You took my youth, my innocence, my trust in man
You made me hate and loathe my own body, damn
You get 30 years I get a life upended
You get 30 years and then they end it?

I wish you die and perish and never see the light of daybreak
I wish you suffer in pain and misery each moment awake
I wish you don’t sleep, just twist and turn
In agony and anguish when you have no where to run

They say forgiveness is a process one you haven’t earned
How can someone forgive something that can’t be returned
They say you’ve repented I should let go that part
Then why haven’t you asked for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart

Because you’d do that again you never were and never will be sorry
You continue to hurt by refusing a public apology
Getting those rabbis to have your back
Just another means of a stabbing attack

So I sit here and hope 30 years never ends
And I tell you I’m no ruthless person my friends
I got a good heart and I’d do anything to help another man
You ain’t human, you’re a beast, a monster, a worker for Satan

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