39 year old father of 7 arrested in Tzfat on suspicion of sexually abusing numerous minors over many years

A 39 year old former shaliach of Chabad, father of 7, was arrested yesterday on suspicions of committing a long list of sexual offenses against minors. The suspect, originally a resident of a neighborhood near Rishon Letzion, was living outside of Israel until 6 months ago, and is accused of molesting children from the time he was a teenager until recent years, in Israel and in other countries.

The suspect was active in several countries around the world, specifically in Europe and in Asia. Several months ago he returned to Israel and was living with relatives in Tzfat. Some time ago the accusations were brought to the police, who began investigating.

There is a long list of accusations against the suspect. This morning the Bet Mishpat Hashalom in Petach Tikva extended the incarceration for another 10 days.

***A number of our followers are aware of additional details about this case, some of which have been improperly and inappropriately released in the media. We strongly ask that you avoid sharing them at this time out of concern for the victims and in respect of the gag in order put in place by the Israeli police.

If you or someone you know was molested by the man described here, please contact the Israeli police and JCW for help***

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