It’s been 40 years and not a single day goes by without a reminder of that horrible day

On a Monday, late in the month of July 1977, Sy picked me up for my summer job. I was his “Mother’s Helper”. We ran some errands, then we cleaned up around the house. I went upstairs to fold and put away the laundry, while Jerry (Sy’s son) took a shower. With the shower running as the background noise, Sy told me to sit next to him on the bed. I didn’t want to sit next to him! I HATED when he always stuck his fat fingers inside me whenever I got too close to him. But he made me sit there. He made me lie down on the bed, and he got on top of me. He started to undress me, and then he started to move on top of me. He unzipped his pants, and took something out. As Jerry ran in and out of the bathroom and Sy was doing horrible things to me, my world finally went silent and black. I found my safe place. My quiet place. My secret place where I feel nothing. My far away place deep inside my heart.

Giggle, giggle. Pop, fizz! TV on. Shower running. Shower door opening and closing. More giggles. Creak of the bed springs. The buzzing in my ear. Voice murmuring. Shower still running. Little feet running in and out of the room. Buzzing. Creaking. Murmuring. Shower. Feet, Creaking. Buzzing. Scary silence. Creaking, creaking. Zipper sliding open. Vvvvvvv. Creaking, creaking. Buzzing. Shower still running. Little feet still running in and out. Giggling. Murmuring, creak, creak, buzz, buzz, creak, creak, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been forty years since that horrible day. Not a single day goes by without a reminder of that fateful summer.

By: Me Chele

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