5 year-old girl asks her father about her abuser: “Abba, is he a Tzaddik or a Rasha?” The prosecution charged Eliyahu Braverman, 30, of Bnei Brak with indecent, sexual acts with a child. Other testimonies alleged that Braverman also committed indecent acts with other children in Modi’in Illit, but their parents had refrained from pressing charges.

5 year-old girl asks her father about her abuser: “Abba, is he a Tzaddik or a Rasha?”

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Gali Ginat
Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office filed today (Sunday) to the district court in the city, charges against Elijah Lipa Braverman, 30, of Bnei Brak, for indecent rape of a five year-old girl. In addition, he was charged with obstruction of justice for dissuading a person in Modiin Illit from filing a complaint after he allegedly committed sexual crimes with his young daughters.

According to the indictment, filed by attorney Moriah Green, on the 8th of March Braverman entered the stairway of a building in Bnei Brak, where the child was standing with her friend, and while her father was standing on the sidewalk at the entrance. He turned to the minor, asked her her name, her age, and the names of her parents. The child, knowing that she is not supposed to talk to strangers, did not answer him. According to the indictment, Braverman then lifted the child’s skirt and performed an indecent act.

At this point, the minor’s father entered the stairwell and realizing it, the defendant stopped his actions and fled from the building, scurrying past the father. The child immediately shouted to her father: “That man lifted my skirt and put his hand in my underpants!” The father chased the defendant down, catching him a minute later hiding in the stairwell of a building nearby.

The child, as well as all the other characters involved, belongs to the Haredi sector. After the incident the little girl asked her father whether Braverman is “righteous or wicked.”

Police estimated that Braverman is a serial rapist who attacked many other girls in Modi’in Illit, where he lived for six years before moving to Bnei Brak. However, besides for these charges of indecency, he has not been accused of other sexual offenses. The reason for this is that some rabbis have signed an agreement with him, in which he was exiled from Modiin Illit to Bnei Brak and had promised to seek treatment in order to suppress his sexual desire, which is also an obstruction of justice.

An indictment listing the evidence from a long-time member of the Modi’in Illit Office, said that from 2006 to 2012 he received many complaints about sexual acts committed by Braverman with young girls in the Haredi community. None of the ultra-Orthodox families wanted to file complaints to the police about these things, until the case that led to his expulsion to Bnei Brak.

This case is also mentioned in the indictment against Braverman. According to the indictment of June 2012, two girls, aged three and four, and their father, alleged that Braverman lifted the girls’ skirts and sat them on his knees and prevented the father of the girls to visit his home. The father eventually gave Braverman a letter, in which he made it clear that he intends to go to the police. After reading the letter, Braverman chased after the father, saying that he was sick and taking medication, trying to dissuade him from filing the complaint. “From tomorrow morning and on you will not see me again”, he insisted.

According to the indictment, the next morning Braverman called the father of the girls and continued to beg him not to file a complaint. He suggested that he and his father would pay for the private psychotherapy of the underage daughters. That same day, in the afternoon, the defendant and his family left Modi’in Illit and the father gave up filing a complaint.

Braverman’s father testified to the police that after leaving to Bnei Brak, he took his son for medication and injections of Decapeptil, which is used to lower sex drive, to meetings at the association of “Shalom Banayich,” and accompanied him everywhere so that he would not go alone. However, Braverman’s wife testified that she did not see him taking his injections of Decapeptil and the prosecution heard from the doctor that Braverman had stopped coming to receive his shots from the health clinic.

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  1. ladt I checked, Rabbi’s do not have the right to sign random agreements like this. All who signed and set the agreements should be arrested as well. They ensured that these heinous acts would co tubule to occur and destroy the lives of countless children. These rabbis along with this pedophile have no right to call themselves religious in anyway and really belong in jail. It’s unacceptable.

  2. in 3000 Years Yahwe never spoke of Abuse , it’s more important how to broil his Korbanot Lmabs “well done” and all the specifics, (See Parsha class Vayikra) so i doubt he loses his Tzadick Statues,

    However in a modern context it is widely accepted that he is not a Tzadik in any case, but still can touch the wine and mazah balls because he still believes in magic, Ghosts and God

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