A Community Fails

A school is confronted with a victim’s story
A shul rabbi is told the devastating accusations by a congregant against one of his congregants.
The cover up begins as the victim and their family are told they will be supported.
The principal of the school with tears in his eyes empathizes with the victim’s parents.
Aware that the molester was inappropriate within the school setting,years prior, and continues to forge connections with boys a decade younger than himself.
A promise of help is made to the parents UNTIL the principal relays all to the school board and the school attorney.
THEN the parent’s of the victim become enemy number 1.
A threat to their school, what could be more important than a school’s reputation.
Not a hurting victim.
A renowned shul rabbi starts the conversation with a claim of not being a mandated reporter.
Discreet information is collected and the shul board decides to hire a private investigator to determine if the molester is a risk to the congregation.
The answer is YES.
The solution… kick the molester out of the shul.
Or not…
None of the vulnerable children are informed of the fact that the largest shul in the United States kicked out the molester.
If no one knows, does the action have any ability to protect those most vulnerable.
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