A Mother’s Anguish

A school is a place a child should feel safe.

A yeshiva even more so.

We sent our precious child off to elementary and High School each day expecting that he was learning, growing and protected.

It has become clear to us that this was far from the truth. Our child was being molested sexually by an older student.

An older student who was deemed by faculty members and administration as being inappropriate and someone with issues that needed to be addressed.

Why wasn’t he asked to leave the school so my precious child could be safe?

My child was victimized for 2 years in the school setting.

Two years he wasn’t able to grow.

Two years which led to 10 years of pain, suffering and an inability to grow as a normal teen should.

In and out of therapy.

Crippling hypervigilance as he became anxious about situations that he couldn’t control.

Devastating loss of self worth.

Inability to close his eyes and sleep at night. Flashbacks.

Afraid to share his secret, but unable to stop thinking about it.

He stole my child’s ability to continue in his maturing process.

He robbed our family of sharing comfortable relationships with our hurting son.

He needs to be stopped and we are prepared to make sure no other family, parents or precious neshamas have to go through the pain our child went through and continues to go through.

Our child is spending his young adulthood, when he should be enjoying his life, recovering from the trauma that made him feel like ” an empty vessel”( in his words).

Why wasn’t the deviant perpetrator asked to leave the school?

Why weren’t parents warned?

And why are parents continuing to not be warned?

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