Our Public Policies

Confidentiality Policy:

All correspondence and interaction with JCW is kept strictly confidential. Sensitive information is restricted to a limited number of credentialed employees and trained professionals who are involved with the Health Services or Protective Services departments. Individuals who have access to this data must meet the requirements that are listed below.

In certain instances, Jewish Community Watch may release information to the appropriate government agency or third parties when we believe that the law requires so, or when requested by subpoena or court order. JCW may also release information that will assist investigators, prosecutors, or third parties in discovery with respect to valid legal claims, in order to prevent harm to you or any other person, or to protect the organization.

With your consent, JCW may disclose your information in the interest of continuing operations, for example if certain aspects of the case should be taken over by another entity.


Employee & Volunteer Policy:

Jewish Community Watch is dedicated to creating a safe environment for everyone involved in our organization.

In order to ensure the anonymity and safety of those contacting us, JCW has enacted the following policies:

Each potential volunteer candidate is screened. The extent of screening for each position depends on the nature of the tasks that will be performed by the volunteer (ex. whether the volunteer will be working directly with people in a health facility, etc.). Screening often involves carefully examining each application, conducting background checks (in order to verify information in the resume, identify any legal problems, etc.), and interviewing the most suitable candidates.

Employees or volunteers that are in involved with Health Services must be licensed psychotherapists or undergo a training program focused on child sexual abuse.

All potential employees must comply with and undergo: 

  • Background checks
  • Three levels of interviewing, including an interview with the Director of JCW and a member of the Advisory Board
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Fingerprinting
  • Signing of a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Volunteers must consent to:

  • Background checks
  • Signing of a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)