After years of no support, it’s hard to adjust to people caring

I knew I had a problem. I knew I had to do something about it.

I was sexually abused as a kid, and though I’d been suffering for years, it had gotten a lot worse recently.

I finally went to rehab and quit drinking but stopping to drink seemed to make things harder somehow.

I had been sent to therapy when I was little but I was sure anything I said would be reported back to my parents so I didn’t talk. Apparently you have to talk for therapy to work.

After a number of my friends strongly urged me to get therapy as an adult, I finally decided I was ready. In my 20’s and more broke than I’ve ever been, I had no idea how I’d pay for it. I found a therapist and saw her a few times until my money ran out. I told my therapist I didn’t think I could see her anymore and she asked me if it was ok if she reached out to see if she can find funding. I didn’t think anyone would want to help me but I gave her the go ahead just in case something might work out.

About a week later my therapist called me and said she spoke to JCW and they were willing to help me. They never met me, didn’t ask me questions, didn’t put any conditions on it- they were just willing to help. I’ve been seeing this therapist for a few months now and I still have a long road ahead of me, I know, but just knowing that no matter what, JCW has my back, has really been such a relief for me.

After years of having no support and nobody on my side, it’s a little hard to adjust to people caring, but JCW has shown me nothing but kindness and compassion through all of this. At first I was extremely suspicious of their motives. I was sure there was a catch, but they’ve proved to me that they have no ulterior motives, they are simply there to help.

Thank you JCW for showing me that maybe I should have some faith in humanity.

Thank you for helping me save my life.


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