Alleged Sex Offender Arrested for Faking Mental Illness to Avoid Extradition

Jeremy Sharon reported in the Jerusalem Post that, suspected sex offender Malka Leifer was arrested on Monday morning by police after an undercover investigation indicated that she has been feigning mental illness to avoid extradition to Australia.

The Jerusalem Post report highlighted JCW’s role in the arrest:

Jewish Community Watch, an organization that seeks to combat sexual abuse in the Jewish community, told The Jerusalem Post following the police announcement that its representatives had met in October with three sisters who have filed complaints against Leifer, and as a result hired private investigators to look into the suspicions that her claims to be mentally unfit for extradition were false.
“It has been obvious to everyone who has followed this ongoing case that Leifer had concocted a supposed mental illness to avoid extradition, so we resolved to investigate and expose her deception,” said a spokesperson from the organization. “What we discovered was that she was living a completely normal life, as expected.”
JCW then handed over this information to the police who, the spokesperson said, were then able to use the information when starting their undercover investigation.
“While it is extremely upsetting that it took so many years to initiate an investigation into Leifer’s deception, we are thankful for the professionalism and dedication of the police Special Investigation Unit for their handling of the case and ongoing investigation over the past few months,” the spokesman said.
“We hope this sends a strong message to abusers who seek to avoid prosecution by fleeing to Israel or other countries. It may take years, but justice and truth will catch up with you.”
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