Translated from Kikar Shabbat

Suspicion of a brutal attack on the city of Torah and Hasidism: Police from Merchav Dan arrested a 62 year-old Orthodox man in Bnei Brak Monday, on suspicion that he had severely attacked an orthodox girl of 17.

Evidence and investigative material that was collected by Inspector Noah Ronen and the Investigators of Domestic Violence showed that the suspect allegedly took advantage of his closeness with the girl’s family in order to seduce her in different ways and to carry out his dirty scheme.

“Kikar Shabbat” has learned that the affair began four months ago when the suspect made contact with the girl, eventually arranging to meet her in order to carry out his scheme.

Only in the last few days the girl decide to complain about the incident. The investigators received details of the suspect and a special operation arrested the suspect yesterday.

The suspect was taken for interrogation at the police station in Merchav Dan.

The suspect will be brought today for a hearing at the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court.

Police said: “This wrongdoing is a sad affair that occurred in the synagogue and the home of the suspect.”


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