We are sharing the following story because it illustrates a very important point. 
JCW received a grant from a supporter to place ads on various news sites which target the Frum community.

The purpose of these ads are to reach people who are not on Facebook, in order to warn them of the dangers posed by abusers in their community and to send a message to survivors that they are not alone.

JCW submitted this ad (picture above) to one particular news site which rejected with the following email which read partially:

With thousands of non-Jews reading our site, pointing out all the Jewish abusers may create a large Chillul Hashem for the rest of the non-abusive community – though it’s important the abusers are made public.”
JCW sent the following response:
“First and foremost, I believe that the focus should be on right vs. wrong, before worrying about public perception. Jewish Community Watch publishes the names of the abusers because studies have repeatedly told us that those who abuse a child once are at a great risk of repeating the offense. It is imperative that we know who to keep our children away from. This should be our primary responsibility before evening concerning ourselves with the perception. As an analogy, there is no question that some Halachic observances have inconvenienced others and have possibly even caused them to thing negatively of Yidden but no one would suggest sacrificing observance because of public perception.
“Rabbonim have told us that child molesters are in the category of a Roidef and it is our job to warn the community about potential dangers – this is the case even if the reports are from years back as we know there is no cure for this disease.
“While you may have a non-Jewish following, there is no question that your primary audience are Jews and something you share with them will get to the right people. Jewish Community Watch has had a lot of communication from the {XYZ} community and there are a lot of victims who desperately need their support.
“The last issue is of the Chilul Hashem you are concerned about. It is the greatest Kiddush Hashem to protect our children. How can ignoring the needs of our children possibly be a sanctification of G-d’s name? Additionally, and this is crucial, the Chillul Hashem has been the covering up of the issue. The fact that abuse exists everyone understands. There is no community anywhere in the world that doesn’t have child sexual abuse. It’s a common issue. Covering up is where the Chillul Hashem has been created over and over and over again. Here are a few articles where you will see just how damaging it has been:
Thank you for your attention to this issue.”
This website did not change their stance.
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