Is all child sexual abuse equal?

By Shana Aaronson, director of JCW-Israel Unless you live under a rock, over the last week you have heard this horrific news of the rape of a 7 year old girl by an Arab janitor in her school. You have read this article and tens of others like it; you have read every disgusting horrible […]

‘Today I went back to the site of my abuse’

To my Abuser I’ve reached a new and very special milestone today. I got to a place in which I thought I’ll never get to. It was so meaningful and so emotional at the same time. It was a moment of immense pain, yet at the same time I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God […]


Ynet News & Collive Report: The highly charged event served as an opportunity to show support to victims of abuse, to educate the public about the dangers of abuse and to present the relaunch of Jewish Community Watch (JCW), a watchdog group monitoring abuse in the global Jewish community. Survivors (JCW makes a point of […]

Miami FL: Frum Survivors Confront Past

A large crowd from the Miami Jewish community gathered at the JLC in Miami Beach on Sunday evening for an emotionally charged evening to raise awareness for child abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community and learn what Jewish Community Watch (JCW) is doing to combat it. The crowd heard from rabbis, survivors and therapists. By […]