New law allows expert testimony about delayed reporting of sex abuse reports: It isn’t easy for prosecutors to explain why child victims of sexual abuse sometimes don’t report the crime for months or even years. Some victims wait for years after the abuse ends before finally revealing to a family member or authority figure what happened. Now for the first time in more than 20 […]

Judges reject molester’s claims plea was forced

Asbury Park Press reports: TOMS RIVER – A former Orthodox Jewish camp counselor from Lakewood will remain in state prison after judges rejected his claims that he was coerced by his religious community to falsely admit he molested a youngster in his charge. A two-judge panel on Wednesday refused to allow Yosef Kolko to take back […]

Rabbi Sentenced To 8 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault of 15-Year-Old Boy

DNAINFO reports: CHICAGO — Ex-rabbi Aryeh “Larry” Dudovitz was sentenced to eight years in prison  for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy who was a member of his synagogue after celebrating a religious holiday nearly a decade ago. The sentence was handed down Wednesday by Judge Evelyn Clay, according to Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez’s […]

One moment in time

When you close your eyes and try to sleep When the cliff you’re climbing is way too steep When the pain is so great that you want to let go When there are so many things you don’t want to know When you hear the hatred in his voice When the moment comes and you […]

When People Don’t Understand Sexual Abuse

Five Actions That Help Me: I validate myself for every invalidation I get. I remind myself of Dr. Brene Brown’s words “Blame is simply the discharging of discomfort and pain”, meaning that the blame has every much to do with them being uncomfortable and not with my actions. I cry to let out the pain. […]

Children Who Experience Early Childhood Trauma Do Not ‘Just Get Over It’

Republished from Humans are relatively adaptable beings which is why we are thriving and not dying out like other species. Horrendous disasters such as the Philippines typhoon, the Boxing Day Tsunami, the nuclear disaster in Japan, the major wars of our time, and horrific famines see great suffering, but these events also inspires survival […]

The Little Girl Who Had No Voice, A True Story

Have you ever tried carrying something really heavy, so heavy you were unable to put a number to the weight? Have you ever kept a secret for 21 years never telling anyone? A secret you were afraid to tell, afraid that if you told someone you might be scolded or perhaps laughed at or even […]


Mandated Reporters: If you suspect abuse, report it

Republished from Stop Abuse Campaign Suspect abuse? Report it. If not because it’s the right thing to do, then at least for the direct consequences that may come your way if you don’t. Consider this as told by WCTV Eyewitness news in Florida:   “A Tallahassee teacher has been found guilty of not reporting child […]

My father sexually abused me – but he betrayed my mother too

Republished from the Guardian A father – now in prison – abused his daughter for two years. The mother and her daughter each describe how his actions have affected them   The daughter’s story Every fortnight, my brother and I went to our dad’s place (my mum and dad split up several years ago, so it […]

It’s OK to Freeze: Healing From Sexual Assault

By Amy Oestreicher, republished from the Huffington Post When I speak at colleges about my own story of sexual abuse, I never forget how difficult it was for me to even speak the words, “I was sexually abused.” It took me an even longer time to believe it, or to understand it could happen to me. And […]

Israelis unaware of risk factors, prevalence of child sexual abuse

The Jerusalem Post reports. A vast majority of parents are unaware of the extent of the threat of sexual violence against their children, according to a study released Monday by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel. Presented at a discussion of the Knesset Special Committee for the Rights of the Child, the study […]

Miami Beach rabbi accused of molestation accepts plea deal

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — A rabbi accused of molesting a girl on Miami Beach has accepted a plea deal. The State looked at the case thoroughly, but said there was not enough evidence to take it to trial and convict Rabbi Steve Karro for lewd and lascivious molestation. Karro will now face a charge […]

To break free

All that is left of me, Is an empty body, A shell of what used to be. Empty feelings, A canvas to pain, A portrait I can not display. Thoughts have no recognition. Mind and voice a foreigner in my body. Shattering silence sits invading my heart. By my friends side tears I cry. Her […]

Rabbinical student free after judge dismisses sex assault case

MONTICELLO — A rabbinical student is a free man after a judge on Wednesday dismissed the case in which he was charged with sexually assaulting an 11-year-old boy in 2011. Sullivan County Court Judge Frank LaBuda dismissed the case against Haim Boukris because Sullivan County Assistant District Attorney Eamonn Neary was not able to provide enough evidence […]

What if…?

Would anything be different? Would you still need to be saved? Do you think he would have heard you? What would you have gained? What if you had screamed? What if you had cried? What if you had kicked your feet and not kept it all inside? What if you had fought him? What if […]

What Sex Abuse Cases at Horace Mann and Y.U. Should Teach Us

By Amos Kami, republished from the Forward As a former student at Horace Mann School in the Bronx’s Riverdale neighborhood, I was instrumental in breaking the silence around the prestigious prep school’s decades-long history of child sexual abuse. Although I myself am not an abuse survivor, I saw many of my fellow alumni’s stories come […]

Beitar Ilit Resident Charged with Assaulting Children

By: Zvika Gronich Translated from Kikar Shabbat   An Ultra-Orthodox resident of the city of Beitar Illit is accused of molesting a number of children from his hometown after he distributed them toffees and took them into a hiding place. Prosecution approached the court on Thursday with the indictment by attorney Aviad Dweck in Tel […]

Van Driver Suspected of Molesting Children

Efrat Forsher Translated from Yisrael Hayom Samaria District Police arrested a 55-year-old shuttle driver and resident of the Kalansua Triangle who is suspected of molesting girls in a settlement in Samaria. The investigation began several weeks ago, following a complaint filed by the mother of an 11 year-old girl, who claimed that her daughter had […]

What is Age-Appropriate?

Published in StopItNow It can be hard to acknowledge that all of us, even children, are sexual beings, have sexual feelings and are curious about sex and sexuality. Children’s curiosity can lead to exploring their own and each other’s body parts by looking and touching. They may peek when family members are in the bathroom […]

Orthodox Jews From Around the World Gather to Tackle Domestic and Sex Abuse

Haaretz Reports More than 1,000 ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Jews from around the world gathered in Jerusalem this week to tackle some of their communities’ darkest taboos: sexual abuse and domestic violence. The three-day event they are attending, which began Monday, is the second annual conference on the subject spearheaded by the Israeli nonprofit Tahel, the […]

Safed’s Chief Rabbi: The Coverups are a Chilul Hashem

Conference in Response to the Scheinberg Affair- Rabbanim Demand Resolution of a Code of Ethics The conference, the first of its kind, was held last night (Sunday) with the participation of various factions of the National Religious and Ultra-Orthodox community, in response to the Ezra Scheinberg affair. The conference aimed to prevent future cases and […]

Liars and Thieves

She told me it was what friends do She told me that But she was a liar. She told me she was my only friend She told me that But she was a liar. She told me if I didn’t let her do it to me Then she would tell everyone what I did That […]