Canyon News: Santa Monica Rabbi Arrested For Child Sexual Abuse

Canyon News reports: SANTA MONICA—Eight months after a survivor spoke publicly about her years of sexual abuse from her Rabbi, on Wednesday, September 30, Santa Monica Police Department arrested and booked Rabbi Sholom Dovber Levitansky on felony charges for sexual abuse of a child.  Levitansky, 38, was charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office with […]

For many years I struggled without knowing why

Some people are reflecting on this past year, While others have their whole life to contemplate. Some people are reflecting on this past year, While others have their whole life to contemplate. I was the former. For many years I struggled without knowing why, And when it finally came to my realization many tears I […]

Jerusalem rabbi accused of molesting students

By Shlomi Diaz for Israel Hayom A Jerusalem rabbi was arrested Thursday for allegedly molesting several of his students for a number of years. The rabbi denies the allegations against him. Rabbi Moshe Avraham Steinharter, 43, was arrested by Modiin Police following a complaint by a former student, now 19, who claimed he was molested […]

Police backflip on Adass board over sex offender’s escape

By KATHERINE TOWERS for The Australian September 28, 2015 12:00AM AEDT Members of the ultra-orthodox Adass Israel School board face a possible criminal investigation for helping secrete former headmistress and serial sex offender Malka Leifer out of Australia to avoid detection, after a major backflip by Victoria Police. The Australian revealed last week that board […]

Safety alert for Brooklyn and Brazil

Please take all necessary precautions to protect you children from Moises Marcos Aschendorf Ejczis. This alleged child sex offender is from São Paulo, Brazil and is currently staying in Crown Heights for Yom Tov. He is allegedly known to have paid for sex with children as young as 13 years old. JCW is seeking additional […]

A Community Fails

A school is confronted with a victim’s story A shul rabbi is told the devastating accusations by a congregant against one of his congregants. The cover up begins as the victim and their family are told they will be supported. The principal of the school with tears in his eyes empathizes with the victim’s parents. […]

seeking Additional information on Yona Weinberg

By: Rabbi Yakov Horowitz Since we posted this email on Friday  regarding the defamation lawsuit filed against me by convicted, registered level-3 sex offender Yona Weinberg, I was contacted by more than a few people with first-hand information about him that is giving me a very, very bad feeling that there is far more to […]

Group urges government to deny US pedophiles aliyah

By Tamar Pileggi for Times of Israel Te Israel National Council for the Child has urged government ministries to take steps to prevent convicted sex offenders from immigrating to Israel. Following recent media reports revealing that a “high-risk” convicted pedophile has emigrated from the US to Israel, council director Yitzhak Kadman called on Interior Minister […]

Convicted Child Molester Sues Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz For Defamation

A letter from Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz: Dear Readers: We’d like to share with our friends and supporters some of the details of the jaw-dropping story of Yona Weinberg, a convicted, registered, New York State Level 3 Sex Offender, who is suing me for slander in Israel.  The story became public when it was  reported in […]

Suit of Armor

That suit of armor that I wear, Keeps me looking normal so you don’t stare. It has been on for so, so long, Without it, where do I belong? That suit of armor fits so well, It keeps me safe inside my shell. I hope one day to let you in, Then I will know […]

How to keep your children safe over Yom Tov

Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkos and Simchas Torah are right around the corner. Jewish Community Watch would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your families a wonderful new year, and remind you of some important safety tips to keep in mind during this exciting season. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur […]

A Mother’s Anguish

A school is a place a child should feel safe. A yeshiva even more so. We sent our precious child off to elementary and High School each day expecting that he was learning, growing and protected. It has become clear to us that this was far from the truth. Our child was being molested sexually […]

What Happens to Sex Offenders Who Flee to Israel?

By Chanel Dubofsky for the Forward When Brooklyn police went to convicted sex offender Yona Weinberg’s apartment this past January to arrest him for an alleged assault on an 11-year-old boy in August 2014, the New York Daily News reported, he had disappeared. In 2009, Weinberg served 13 months for sexually molesting two other boys, and is listed as a […]

If I don’t remember it

Since I don’t remember it, It can’t possibly be hurting me. If I don’t remember it, It’s not what made me shut down…   Right? If I don’t remember it, How do I know I said no? If I don’t remember it, Maybe I wanted it…?   If I don’t remember it, Maybe I enticed […]

When worry is good: Talking to your child about sexual abuse

By Allison Schumacher originally published on Baby Center When I was pregnant with my daughter, I worried about everything. I remember reading about how eating healthy things like fish and vegetables (none of which I wanted to eat) would aid in the baby’s brain development and help her make better food choices as she grew […]

Documentary – Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence is a one hour documentary which shines a light on the challenging journey faced by those affected by child sexual abuse, as well as offers useful information to prevent abuse.  

I Am Here to Ask Forgiveness – An Elul Message on Abuse from YY Jacobson

Rabbi YY Jacobson, dean of, delivers a powerful Elul message to survivors of child sexual abuse and to the Jewish community. He started of with the quote from Breishit; “אבל אשמים אנחנו על אחינו אשר ראינו צרת נפשו בהתחננו אלינו ולא שמענו” which translates to, “Indeed, we are guilty for our brother, that we […]

Dear Daddy, Did you know how scared I was?

I have a wonderful 10 year old daughter now. I watch her grow and am amazed by what I see. Even with everything she’s been through, she is smart, confident, and innocent. She knows she’s beautiful because I tell her all of the time. She knows she is loved because I say it every time […]

JCC camp supervisors warned last year about fired aide

Republished from the Detroit Free Press Officials confirmed today that supervisors at the Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit day camp failed to alert senior management last summer after an employee expressed concerns about the same camp counselor who was accused by authorities earlier this month of abusing young children. Michael Layne, a spokesman for the Jewish Community Center, said in a […]