NY bill would nix statute of limitations on child sex abuse

A group of advocates who work to fight child sex abuse is asking New York state lawmakers to eliminate the statute of limitations on certain sex crimes committed against minors. Legislation that would eliminate the time restraints on the reporting of child sex abuse is pending in the state’s Legislature. Advocates plan to gather at […]

Egypt: A Passover Poem by a Survivor

As I was sitting at the seder table, Hearing the story of my ancestors being freed, I began to cry in silence, Because redemption is what I need. The Jews in Egypt went through hell, Burying each other because it was too much to survive, I think of days I am falling apart, Wishing I […]

“Why can’t you just let it go?”

An area of sexual abuse that deserves particular attention and is not discussed often enough is abuse within families, also known as incest. In addition to the many well known effects that any child of abuse goes through, survivors of incest are forced to endure a very unique set of circumstances. Our heart are prayers […]