When my grandfather the Rosh Yeshiva molested me

Eli Hirschman was sexually abused by his grandfather, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Matmidim Yeshiva and leader of the Eidas Yerushalayim community while studying at his grandfather’s Yeshiva. He kept quiet for years, but when he finally went public, he was excommunicated, along with anyone who believed him. This is his story as shared in […]

the long journey

Submitted by a brave survivor.    Dear friends,   I just arrived after a long trip from NY to Toronto. It was a really tough drive as it was raining really hard the whole way. It was very hard to see out and the markings were so vaguely visible. Additionally, there were many trucks flying […]

No I Do Not Forgive You!

With Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur around the corner people like to reflect back on their wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness. I’ve been getting a lot of pressure at home that I need to forgive. My parents want me to forgive them for not protecting me when I was a helpless child. My brother wants […]

Tishrei Children Safety Guide

Dear Parents, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succos and Simchas Torah are here. Jewish Community Watch would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your families a wonderful new year, and remind you of some important safety tips to keep in mind during this exciting season. While most tips are geared for […]

There IS hope

A survivor has a message for JCW – and for other survivors.   Dearest Shana Aaronson, Shulamit Morris and JCW, I feel awed that I’d been given the privilege of getting help by such amazing individuals who are part of an amazing organization like JCW. What I’ve been through cannot be described… even to other […]

Why I couldn’t say Slichot

Submitted by a Survivor.  Dear Hashem, It’s selichos night. Last year I went to shul on selichos night and was overcome with an enormous amount of guilt and pain over my life, that I needed to leave shul right away. This year I’m not even attempting to go. I don’t have the strength for it. […]

60 years of struggling with the effects of abuse

Submitted by a survivor of abuse.  I recently came across some YouTube videos from Jewish Community Watch. To say that I have been deeply moved is to put it lightly.  For years, families, communities, and our religious institutions have refused to address this issue.  Having been unwilling to do so, children have been harmed in […]

Mother finds out husband is molesting their children

BeHadrei Haredim interviewed a woman in Israel who works round the clock to sustain her family after her husband was jailed for abusing her daughters. The piece explains how the mother, “Rachel”, was called in by her daughter’s school.  The principal told her that her daughter had complained to the school psychologist she was enduring […]

“I read about another rapist rabbi and I can’t function”

Dear Rabbonim, I come to you with a mixture of pain, anguish and anger. I’ve heard about yet another very big “Rav” who is leading a double life. To everyone on the outside he extolls the virtues of Yiddishkeit and the Torah and behind closed doors he’s a serial rapist. He abuses the innocent and vulnerable girls and […]

All the things I did not know

Submitted to JCW by a brave survivor.  I thought that if I never said it, it wouldn’t be real. I thought that if I didn’t think about it, it would just go away. I was sure if I just ignored it, it would cease to be. If I kept my eyes closed I wouldn’t have […]

OpEd: Closure for victims of deceased abusers

By Shana Aaronson, COO, JCW – Israel JCW has a longstanding policy not to expose predators who are already dead, and to remove individuals from the wall once they have passed away. The reasoning for this is quite simply that an offender poses no risk to children in the community after he is dead, and […]

A survivor’s Shabbos “guests”

Dear neighbor, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to shul this Shabbos. I had a very busy Shabbos with many guest at my house. They knocked at my door as soon as Shabbos started and begged me to come for Shabbos. I let them in but didn’t realize how hard they will be. They were […]

Haredi man arrested in Jerusalem with “locks of hair” from young girls

On Wednesday, Israel police arrested a 30-year-old Haredi man on suspicion of committing serious sexual offences against girls via various platforms. He is also suspected of keeping locks of girls’ hair and items of their clothing. According to Israeli media reports, the investigation was opened after complaints from the parents of two girls, aged 9-10, […]

When an abuser dies

You preached goodness truth and light But you created a monster inside me that I had no strength to fight We thought you were an angel who could do no wrong But you were playing with our minds all along Or did you really think you were good? How will I ever know I never […]

There are moments that you wait for all of your life

There are moments that you wait for all of your life. You imagine it. You dream about it. You plan for it. And then it happens. All of your plans and thoughts dissolve away and you realize that you are frozen. You have no idea what it means or what to do. It feels big […]

Every parent must read this open letter from a survivor

Dear parents, I’m sitting in my car after a therapy session and I’m crying. I was at therapy last night and went again this morning. I’m crying out of pain and hurt. I was emotionally and religiously abused for many years by my parents and was then sexually abused by a mean and selfish monster […]

“I was thirteen, you used me. I have to live with it every day”

Natanel (not his real name), 24, from Jerusalem, decided one day that he wouldn’t put up with it anymore. In one impulsive moment, he picked up the telephone and confronted his greatest fear – the Rabbi who he claims sexually assaulted him in his youth. “My dear, you essentially touched me, it all started from […]

Dascalowitz commits sex offense one day after being released

On July 19th, Meir Dascalowitz completed a four month prison sentence for violating the terms of his parole in March. The day after his release, Dascalowitz again violated the terms of his parole by entering a men’s mikva in Monsey where he began performing a sexual act in front of a young man. Dascalowitz has […]