A community was with me through this journey of pain

Dear JCW, If I were a songwriter, I would write a thank you song. But I am not, so here is my best attempt to say thank you in words that will never be sufficient for what you have done for me. Music can carry soulful tunes so please take these paragraphs and imagine them […]

This Man Besmirched and Harassed A Survivor of Child Sex Abuse

This past week an individual by the name of Tzvi-Hersh Starck of Jerusalem, released a blog post about the Malka Leifer case, hiding behind the alias “Yechezkel Hirshman”. Unlike most articles our readers have read about Leifer, Starck devoted the first part of his multi-paged diatribe to explaining why Leifer should be kept in Israel […]

Molester Confronted by JCW Working in Jerusalem Toy Shop

Dovid Drazin was added to the JCW Wall of Shame five years ago after JCW verified multiple reports against him of child sexual abuse. During his time as a “Kvutza” Student, (Kvutza is a program where 20-year-old Israeli bachurim study for a year or more in Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY), and for a number of years afterwards, […]

Seminary Teacher Raped 10’s of His Employees at Previous Job

Translated from this Israel Channel 2 report: A Jerusalem resident, who teaches in a girls seminary in central Israel, was arrested for raping young women, between the ages of 17-20, within the ultra-orthodox community, who he employed in his Jerusalem based office. Based on the reports given to the police, the victims were threatened by […]

Do you stand with JCW?

By now you are familiar with JCW’s accomplishments. In six years, JCW has fundamentally changed the way our community reacts to child sexual abuse.       The stigma of abuse has been significantly reduced.       Far more parents know how to protect their children.       Abuse is reported to the authorities at a much higher level.       Institutions are beginning to […]

New Addition to Wall of Shame – Daniel Greer

In May, a federal jury ordered Daniel Greer (and his yeshiva) to pay $20 million dollars in compensative damages to a former student who Greer repeatedly raped and abused years ago. This followed a civil court proceedings in which two brave victims testified publicly about the abuse they had endured during their time at the yeshiva. The […]

You ruined my life – אתה הרסת לי את החיים שלי

אתה הרסת לי את החיים שלי. הכנסת לחיים שלי טראומה, חושך, פחד, כאב, עצבות, וכעס. שכנעת אותי. הכרחת אותי. התעללת בי. הכאבת לי. ביישת אותי. העלבת ופגעת בי. האשמת אותי. שנאתה אותי, אבל השתמשת הגוף שלי. אני רוצה את החיים שלי בחזרה! לא אתן לך לשלוט בי. לא אתן לפחדים שלך לשלוט בי. לא אתן […]

Pervert Arrested for Exposing Himself Near Rehavia Neighborhood of Jerusalem

MYnet-Jerusalem Reported: The police arrested a young man (29) in Haredi garb last week on suspicion of sexual harassment and indecent sexual acts against underage children. According to the report, he came to Emek Hamatzlava in the afternoon, stood in front of the two girls, aged four and five, and began to touch and sexually stimulate […]

A Bnei Brak Teacher Molests Children but Parents are Too Afraid to React

Last night Israeli Channel 2 broadcasted another horrifying story from Bnei Brak, where a number of parents believe that one of the teachers has been sexually abusing their children for a several years. When approached, the principal confirmed that the suspect “strokes children – it’s true, no doubt about it.”  Nevertheless, the parents are frightened to take the matter […]

Shavuos Message from JCW

Ahavas Yisrael is a central theme of the Shavuos story. In the most dramatic event in the Jewish tradition, the entire Jewish people gather around Mount Sinai as they received the Torah. There’s a well-known textual nuance – it says that the “people camped around the mountain” in the singular – a sign that the […]

[Video] Hundreds Give Rabbi Berland Hero’s Welcome

  Hundreds of Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s followers greeted the admitted sex offender with joyous singing as he returned to his home in Jerusalem. Berland previously spent three years on the run after being accused of serious sex offenses against a number of woman, including minors. He was finally returned to Israel in 2016 where Berland […]

How to Protect Your Children from Online Pervs

This month JCW staff in Israel attended a conference for Israel’s new national police cyber unit “Maor” – dedicated to addressing internet-based violence and crimes against children. The conference saw representatives from police units all over the country, as well as international experts, and a number of non-governmental organisations addressing child sexual abuse and exploitation. […]

Mendel Tevel added to the NYS Sex offender registry

Mendel Tevel was classified as a level 2 sex offender. and will now appear on the public sex offender registry for life. This is good news for the safety of our children and is a credit to a brave survivor, who faced down harassment and intimidation by the abuser’s family to make sure justice was served. Click here for the […]

הגוף שלי נברא בצלם אלוקים

My body was created in the image of God. My body was pure. My body was good, all of it was good. But suddenly he came in to my life. And he touched my body that belonged  to me! My body doesn’t feel pure anymore. My body isn’t what it used to be. It was […]

I didn’t want – לא רציתי

English Below לא רציתי את החיוך שלו. לא רציתי את העוגיות שלו. לא רציתי שהזכרונות ישארו. לא רציתי אותו בחיים שלי. בכלל. לא אהבתי את העיניים שלו, לא אהבתי ללכת לדירה שלו. לא אהבתי את תשומת הלב המיוחד שלו. לא אהבתי אותו. בכלל. שנאתי כשהוריד את הבגדים שלי. שנאתי שנגע בגוף הטהור שלי. שנאתי את […]

THIS is an abuse survivor’s number one fear

I have previously expounded on the some of the guilt and shame that accompanies survivors of child sexual abuse. I want to share a little more about how untreated shame and guilt can progress to the point where substance abuse and/or suicide seems like the only answer for survivors. One morning, when I was in […]

Morganville teacher charged with sexually assaulting boy at home

NJ.com reports: Authorities have charged a teacher at a Monmouth County school with sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy at his township home in 2012. Detectives arrested Menachem A. Chinn, 36, Thursday night at East Windsor police headquarters, township police and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday. Chinn is a teacher at the Shalom Torah Academy […]

[VIDEO] Rabbi Yosef Blau (YU) Speaks Up For Child Sex Abuse Survivors

“The prohibition against speaking Lashon Hara is used to cover-up abuse.” At a JCW awareness event in 2016, Rabbi Yosef Blau addresses the issues of child sexual abuse in the orthodox community, cover-ups, reporting abuse to the police, and supporting survivors. Watch this powerful talk by the Mashgiach Ruchani (spiritual adviser) at Yeshiva University and a […]

חירות שלי

עבור רבים מבני הנוער ששרדו התעללות מינית בילדות, במיוחד בתוך המסגרת המשפחתית, מציאת שירותים טיפוליים נאותים והסדרי מגורים, הינו אתגר עצום שלעיתים קרובות אף לא ניתן להתמודד עימו. הקטע הבא נכתב באומץ על ידי שורדת של JCW, על החוויה המטלטלת שלה במציאת סוף כל סוף מקום שעונה על ההגדרות הללו. ***** חירות להיות בית אמיתי […]

22 Charedim Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Women and Children

לקריאת הכתבה המלאה בעברית In a raid conducted by Israeli Police forces early Monday morning, 22 Charedim were arrested on suspicion of sexual crimes against women and children over the past two years. The suspects had undergone internal proceedings conducted by a Charedi organization called “Tohar Hamachane” (also known as the Tznius police), who ‘treat’ […]

It is not ok – לא בסדר

לא בסדר שהתחפש לאיש ישר והגון לא בסדר שקסם לי בעיניים עם עוגיה לא בסדר שהכריח אותי לא בסדר שהשתמש בגוף שלי בשביל למלא את תאוותיו ורצוניו, לא בסדר שלקח ממני את שנות ילדותי הרכות והתמימות, לא בסדר שהכניס לחיים שלי חושך, פחד, כאב, צער ודאגה כל האשמה- שלו! אשמתו שחיי’ התנפצו לרסיסים אשמתו שילדותי […]

Sex Offender Detained on Charges of Sodomy of Four-Year-Old Girl

Yisrael Hayom reported: Roman Levin, a 38-year-old resident of Kiryat Sefer (Modi’in Illit) and a convicted sex offender has been detained on suspicions of sodomizing a four-year-old girl in Tel Aviv. Levin reportedly followed a group of children in Tel Aviv’s Tikvah neighborhood, and after luring them to a playground with games and sweets, sodomized […]