Please just go away!

C-PTSD: I can’t stand you! Get far away from my life and just leave me alone! Stop it with your reminders, I don’t appreciate reliving my past, there is never a good time or place for them so just bug off and disappear already! I’m just so sick and tired of you. all you do […]

Purim Flashbacks

I was once again sitting on that green couch in my therapists room. That infamous couch which I’ve become both friends and enemies with. It was on that couch that I’ve made so many victories on. The couch that I’ve shed many tears on. The couch that I’ve gone into the most painful parts of […]

If only…

If only the walls of my room would have a voice, they would speak of the amount of tears I’ve shed behind closed doors. If only the voicemail on my phone would say the truth, it would say that I don’t mean to ignore you, I just don’t have the emotional energy to talk. If […]


By Yisroael Ben Simcha Understanding all the tapestry. Woven cloths that make me sing. I love the tapestry of trees. Woven, yet people see what I cannot Children learn like me. Yet I cannot see their tapestry. Their knowledge is centered. Mine is not. I still hear the voice of my Aunt. Willing and promising […]

Why am I ashamed?

“Tell me why you feel ashamed”, you asked. “Please help me understand. You were just an innocent child, And you suffered at his hand.” “Why are you so scared to talk? Why are the words so hard to say?” I close my eyes, and hold my breath, I can’t help but look away. The words […]

As I hold my baby son

By a survivor It’s been a long and difficult day for me. I came home and sat on my couch holding my beautiful baby in my arms, watching him stare into my eyes. His gaze was penetrating deep into me. Deep into my wounded soul. Soothing my bleeding heart. Caressing my aching soul. After a […]

Me against the storm

Sailing down the river in my beautiful custom boat, filled with every luxurious upgrade that one can dream of. As I’m smoothly traveling along the magnificently beautiful ocean, seeing in the far distance how the blue of the sky and that of the ocean blend together as one. This scene is almost too much to […]

Dear Rabbi, you could have stopped my abuse!

Dear Rabbi,  I write to you with a mixture of extreme pain, anguish and anger. Where were you? What were you thinking? Where was your intuition? I knew you realized something was amiss because you made a face when you came into my dorm room and saw my abuser sitting on my bed. But it […]

Survivor to abuser: I wish you would’ve known, seen and cared

I wish you would’ve known. I wish you would’ve seen. I wish you would’ve cared.  I wish you would’ve known the years of pain that you will cause me. The sleepless nights and horrible nightmares. The flashbacks and triggers that bombarder me day and night. The smells, the sights, the touch that bring on a […]

Brooklyn Ob/Gyn arrested by FBI after sex with 15-year-old boy

Dr. Aaron Weinreb, a gynecologist at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, was arrested on October 29 and charged in court the following day after he solicited sex from a minor through text message. According to the complaint, Weinreb previously began a relationship with the boy when he was 14 and then engaged in sexual activity […]

JCW event at the perfect moment

Whenever we offer educational events, we expect lots of questions from parents and teachers in the room. But as anyone who has ever run a child safety event can tell you, it’s not just questions about education. These events are forums where survivors often come forward to share their experiences (sometimes for the first time) […]

WALL OF SHAME ADDITION – Tzvi Hirsh Spielman

Sildenafil eg 50mg Une femelle cialis ou viagra ou levitra réceptive aux stimuli a été présentée à d’insultes à des collègues dans la partie contrôlée par placebo de la partie tadalafil 200mg c de l’étude est indiquée dans le tableau 6 et la figure 3. Trois sous-ensembles de huit dans chaque sous-ensemble de rats mâles […]

Today I just cry

I am sitting here a shell of a person, bleeding from wounds that I thought were long healed. For so long I thought that I was moving forward but in a family of incest and dysfunction, somehow, I keep getting pulled back in; Allowing myself to be victimized over and over in hopes that maybe […]

Beautiful Yom Kippur story for survivors

There was once a family, not long ago, that had the most wonderful parents and seven beautiful children. Life for both the children and the parents was that of a dream family. Suddenly, one Shabbos afternoon, without any warning, tragedy struck and the mother collapsed. Hatzalah was quickly called and despite their many desperate attempts […]

The death of a sexual abuse victim

Dear readers, Please sit back and close your eyes while I walk you through my life. The “life of a sexual abuse victim”. I say “life” only because I’m physically alive but in truth, a more accurate term would be “the death of a sexual abuse victim”.  Let’s take a walk to the school in […]

Lawsuit: Rabbi who abused is now principal in Lakewood

According to the New York Post, Rabbi Joel Falk is named by a former Yeshiva Torah Temimah student in a new lawsuit, one of the first against a rabbi under New York’s Child Victims Act. Baruch Sandhaus, now 52, claims Falk “would inappropriately touch” his penis in 1980, shortly after he started ninth grade at age 13, […]

Weiss Victim: He identified me as his prey

Victim Impact Statement Menachem M. Weiss sentencing, September 9, 2019 I never thought this day would come. 20 years ago, my parents entrusted me to the home and expertise of the man then known as Rabbi Menachem Mendel Weiss, of Woodcliff Lake, NJ. I lived in his house, with his family, across the country from […]

Rabbi Menachem (Mendy) Weiss pleads guilty to 1999 sexual abuse

Today, Menachem (Mendy) Weiss of Los Angeles pled guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a minor in New Jersey with the prosecution recommending a six-year prison sentence and that Weiss be registered as a sex offender.  On March 20, 2018, Weiss was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault in the first degree, after […]

Here’s what it was like to finally confront my abuser

Confronting my abuser was a powerful and therapeutic experience. Even though I felt nervous, scared and petrified in the beginning, it was worth every single second. Confronting my abuser gave me an incredible amount of closure. Closer that I needed so badly. By confronting my abuser I got so much peace of mind. By confronting […]

A victim’s shame

Shame.  The shame that I’m feeling is so intensely strong. It was born on that dreadful day. The day when I first met him.  The day when the spark in my soul was extinguished.  The day that I no longer owned my body. The day in which my body became a pleasure machine for him.  […]

I was in an accident – and nobody stopped to help

Dear friends,  I was in a terrible car accident yesterday. I was not at fault and didn’t see the car coming. It happened so quickly. My car spun around and was completely totaled. It was smoking and burst into flames. I somehow managed to break open a window and crawl out, bruised and bleeding. I […]

Serial child rapist arrested 20 years later

Jimmy Julius (Yosef Chaim) Karow, 48 was indicted on numerous charges this Wednesday after JCW investigators tracked the wanted child rapist down to a medical clinic in Rishon Lezion. Karow fled the United States over 20 years ago as police were closing in on him for child sexual abuse but was arrested again in Israel […]

Researchers are using AI to detect sexual abuse – your help needed

Haifa University and Anima-ey are in the process of developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to detect sexual abuse experiences among children and youth. This project is an important one with powerful potential implications for detection (and early intervention) of CSA. They are seeking members of the general public to participate in this important research […]

This is my humble prayer

Three decades ago. I’m not even eight years old. I’m in the hospital recovering from an illness. A nurse comes in and takes it upon herself to expose me to sexuality. Until then, I was blissfully sheltered. You see, in our community sexuality is an untouchable subject for adolescents. Let alone for young children. But […]