Haredi man arrested in Jerusalem with “locks of hair” from young girls

On Wednesday, Israel police arrested a 30-year-old Haredi man on suspicion of committing serious sexual offences against girls via various platforms. He is also suspected of keeping locks of girls’ hair and items of their clothing. According to Israeli media reports, the investigation was opened after complaints from the parents of two girls, aged 9-10, […]

Nothing more painful

There is nothing more painful in this world then having to deal with it. The pain I feel cannot be described in words. It’s been 11 years since it happened, yet I still hear that voice, yet I still feel the touch. A woman who was not a human but a monster, no not a […]

When an abuser dies

You preached goodness truth and light But you created a monster inside me that I had no strength to fight We thought you were an angel who could do no wrong But you were playing with our minds all along Or did you really think you were good? How will I ever know I never […]

There are moments that you wait for all of your life

There are moments that you wait for all of your life. You imagine it. You dream about it. You plan for it. And then it happens. All of your plans and thoughts dissolve away and you realize that you are frozen. You have no idea what it means or what to do. It feels big […]

Every parent must read this open letter from a survivor

Dear parents, I’m sitting in my car after a therapy session and I’m crying. I was at therapy last night and went again this morning. I’m crying out of pain and hurt. I was emotionally and religiously abused for many years by my parents and was then sexually abused by a mean and selfish monster […]

“I was thirteen, you used me. I have to live with it every day”

Natanel (not his real name), 24, from Jerusalem, decided one day that he wouldn’t put up with it anymore. In one impulsive moment, he picked up the telephone and confronted his greatest fear – the Rabbi who he claims sexually assaulted him in his youth. “My dear, you essentially touched me, it all started from […]

Dascalowitz commits sex offense one day after being released

On July 19th, Meir Dascalowitz completed a four month prison sentence for violating the terms of his parole in March. The day after his release, Dascalowitz again violated the terms of his parole by entering a men’s mikva in Monsey where he began performing a sexual act in front of a young man. Dascalowitz has […]

I feel you touching me every day

Dear abuser, It’s been years since you touched me last. It’s been years since that fateful Friday night when you took the abuse to the next level and violated my privacy and breached every boundary that normal human beings have. Its been years since you physically touched me however, don’t even attempt to think that […]

Mendy Israel pleads guilty to sexual abuse

In March 2016, Mendy Israel was arrested and charged with four counts of sexual conduct against a child and endangering the welfare of a child. Over the last years, JCW staff members have watched the brave survivor and her family walk through fire in pursuit of justice. From the day of the first police report, […]

Beit Din annulled aguna’s marriage because witness is a pedophile

Arutz 7 reported that last Thursday, a private Beit Din in Jerusalem annulled the marriage of Oshrat Ben-Haim to her then-husband, Sharon ben-Haim, who had refused to grant her a divorce for nine years. After legal attempts to pressure the husband into giving her a divorce failed, Oshrat Ben-Haim sought to annul her marriage on […]

A Survivor’s Tisha B’Av Prayer

Dear Hashem, It’s that time of the year again. Today is Tisha B’av. The day that we are all supposed to be sad. We all desperately try to feel the churban. We try to be sad despite the fact that Tisha B’av comes out in middle of the summer. In middle of camp and fun. […]

Israel Alert: Rapist Due To Be Released From Prision

בשנת 2005 נחמן יצחק בורנשטיין הורשע על פי הודאתו, בעבירות של התעללות מינית ומעשי סדום ב-4 קטינים שהיו תחת חסותו בחיידר בו הוא שימש כמחנך. הוא נפשט על ידי בית המשפט בירושלים ל-15 שנות מאסר בפועל.  בקרוב, יסיים בורנשטין את תקופת ריצוי עונשו בבית הסוהר. אם ברשותכם תמונה או כל מידע אחר על בורנשטיין, אנא […]

[Video] A Survivor Tells Her story

“Excited and nervous to share this video with you. It’s a story. My story. I’ve decided to share it in order to raise awareness to the less-spoken-about type of CSA. If this triggers you or makes you feel uncomfortable, please do not watch it. Remember to take care of yourself, and look out for those […]

Substantial evidence supports allegations against Rabbi Ephraim Bryks

After a thorough investigation, JCW has determined that there are credible allegations of sexually abusive behavior committed by Rabbi Ephraim Bryks against male and female children and young women. Allegations of sexual abuse by Bryks first began to surface in the 1980’s; subsequently, Bryks was accused and the allegations exposed via multiple outlets, including a […]

Police: Girls’ School in Tzfat not cooperating on sexual assault claims

Ynet reports: Israel police claim that the Kanfei HaYonah Girls’ School in Tzfat is not cooperating with the investigation into their school principal, accused of sexual assault on students. The 39-year-old principal from Tzfat is suspected of sexual assault on girls who were students at her school, and reportedly also used the girls to do […]

Shiva Asar B’Tamauz for a survivor

Dear Hashem, It just doesn’t feel right. I’m sitting here Shiva Asar B’Tamauz morning. I’m at a job site at 7:30 in the morning waiting for workers to come while everyone else is in shul davening and saying selichos. They are all davening, I’m not. They are all fasting today, I’m not. It just feels […]

Here’s what many abuse victims live with on a daily basis

Dear friends, It’s been a long day for me and I’m laying in my bed and feeling a beautiful feeling. It comes only once in a great while and usually doesn’t last that long. It’s a feeling of true inner peace. It’s the most beautiful and serene feeling. There’s simply no inner turmoil. There’s no […]

That Day

That day he stripped away my self-worth, layer by layer, until I was no more. That day a life-long secret was born hiding in the shadows of forced smiles and “I’m fines” That day my innocent childhood came to an abrupt halt. Forcing me to jump into unknown waters. That day shall never be forgotten, […]

A morning prayer from a survivor

Dear Hashem, Good morning. It’s me, your struggling and confused son. If it’s morning outside, that would mean that I need to get up and go out to work. It would mean that it’s the beginning of a new day. I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to face the world. I don’t […]

Dear Abusers

Dear abusers, I’m a victim of a long and painful molestation story and I want to reach out to you to share some of my pain and give you some insight as to the amount of damage you will inflict on your prey. Today is the anniversary of my abuse. Yesterday was the anniversary, and […]

A Rosh Chodesh Prayer

Dear Hashem, It’s Rosh Chodesh morning and I’m sitting at home davening shachris. I’m davening at home because I don’t have the strength to go to shul and face all my triggers there. I also don’t have the strength to face everyone and pretend to be happy. I’m not happy and I don’t have the […]

An In-depth Look at Sex Offender Registries

JCW frequently receives questions about Sex Offender Registries in the United States. Specifically, people wonder how someone could be removed from the registry, or why they are still on the Wall of Shame after being removed from the registry. This summary outlines some of the laws and background behind registries, and the parameters as they […]