By Yisroael Ben Simcha Understanding all the tapestry. Woven cloths that make me sing. I love the tapestry of trees. Woven, yet people see what I cannot Children learn like me. Yet I cannot see their tapestry. Their knowledge is centered. Mine is not. I still hear the voice of my Aunt. Willing and promising […]

Inquiry: Amsterdam Cheder still not protecting children

Over the last couple years, JCW has been sharing the allegations that the board of the Jewish cheder of the Netherlands, and specifically Rabbi Binyamin Jacobs, intentionally acted to cover up abuse taking place in the school. A follow-up inquiry by the Ministry of Education (Education Inspectorate), released this week, has revealed that 8 months […]

Watching the Chanukah flames – A survivor reflects

I’m sitting here on Chanukah night watching the small flames flickering on my menorah. The room is dark. The lights are off and the only thing lighting up the room are the small flames on the menorah. I’m on my couch depleted of all strength. I’m feeling dark and empty both physically and emotionally. My […]

My world was so dark today

The pain is so immense. The guilt and shame are so debilitating. The tears just don’t stop.  The memories just don’t stop coming. The triggers are all over the place.  The world is so dark. There’s so little sunshine. It’s so scary.  Everything is scary.  The man at the gas station. The guy sitting next […]

Summer Safety – Arm Yourself

knowledge is power As summer approaches, please arm yourself and your children with the tools needed to protect against anyone that may try to harm them. The resources you’ll find below were compiled by JCW and are intended for parents, children and camp staff. Please share! You may save a child’s life. For Parents Summer […]

Brooklyn Alert: Abraham (Avi) Samotin arrested for child sexual abuse

5/17/2018, Abraham (Avi) Samotin of Brooklyn, NY was arrested for sexually abusing a minor. If you, or someone you know, has been abused by this individual, please contact JCW or Crime Stoppers at 1800-577-8477. If you have questions or are in need of support, please contact JCW at 888-JCW-4852 or info@jewishcommunitywatch.org

Video Report: Israel a Safe Haven for Pedophiles

In this chilling documentary, JCW and Channel 10 track a serial sex offender who fled to Israel and then abused children there. This report also explores the disturbing phenomenon of Jews from around the world immigrating anonymously to Israel where they are free to abuse again. CLICK “CC” TO WATCH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. You can […]

Brooklyn Alert: Moshe Friedman Added to the Wall of Shame

Moshe Friedman was charged in 2015 with first-degree felony sexual conduct against a child for violent and sadistic abuse of a 6 year old student. But in a shocking sweetheart deal, he was allowed to plead guilty to endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor which carries no jail time.   According to his plea deal, he must serve […]

Seminary Teacher Raped 10’s of His Employees at Previous Job

Translated from this Israel Channel 2 report: A Jerusalem resident, who teaches in a girls seminary in central Israel, was arrested for raping young women, between the ages of 17-20, within the ultra-orthodox community, who he employed in his Jerusalem based office. Based on the reports given to the police, the victims were threatened by […]

300 Orthodox Rabbis Unite To Combat Child Sexual Abuse Epidemic

In an unprecedented and crucially positive step forward, 300 Orthodox Rabbis signed a proclamation regarding child safety in the Orthodox Jewish community. Synagogues and schools are called upon to adopt certain preventative measures outlined in the document to deter child abuse and child sexual abuse. The Rabbinic signatories consist of member Rabbis of the Orthodox […]

Former Toronto teacher charged in child porn investigation

The Toronto Sun reports: A Toronto man who worked for local Jewish elementary schools was arrested after he was allegedly spotted watching child porn on a public computer at an employment and social services centre. Employees at the Lawrence Square office, located in the Lawrence Ave. W. and Allen Rd. area, noticed a man viewing […]

Rabbi Karp sentenced to 22 years in prison

 ClevelandJewishNews Reports: Rabbi Ephraim (Frederick) Karp was sentenced to 22 years in prison, and five years of supervised probation upon his release, after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of a minor and a third-degree sex offense Oct. 15 in Baltimore County Circuit Court. Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Robert E. Cahill Jr. sentenced Karp to […]

Rabbi Defends Not Reporting Sex Abuse – A Mother in Israel blog

July 2, 2015 by Hannah Katsman posted in amotherinisrael.com Please Note: This article contains disturbing and graphic content. The goal of publishing is not sensationalism but rather to expose this story so that others learn from his mistakes. Last week, Yehuda Shohat and Ariela Sternbuch published a story in Yediot Aharonot about the advice that rabbis […]


Healing needs to be done on the survivor’s terms. It is imperative that you do not push her or force her to do things before either of you is ready. There is no timeline for healing, so it is important that you remain patient and support each other through the healing process. Note: Although the […]