Brooklyn Ob/Gyn arrested by FBI after sex with 15-year-old boy

Dr. Aaron Weinreb, a gynecologist at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, was arrested on October 29 and charged in court the following day after he solicited sex from a minor through text message. According to the complaint, Weinreb previously began a relationship with the boy when he was 14 and then engaged in sexual activity […]

WALL OF SHAME ADDITION – Tzvi Hirsh Spielman

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Why did an abuser have so many supporters in court?

I just came home from the final court case of a victim of sexual abuse. The beautiful and brave victim got up to speak as well as some other family members. Following that, the abuser spoke as well as his lawyers. There were many people in the court room who came to support the abuser. […]

Williamsburg Man Sentenced for Abusing Child in Synagogue on Yom Kippur

In September 2017, Williamsburg resident Joseph Grunwald was arrested for molesting a 7-year-old girl in a synagogue on Yom Kippur, and charged with 3 misdemeanor counts of forcible touching of intimate parts, acting in a manner injurious to a child, and felony sexual contact with a child under 11. Following the indictment, Grunwald reoffended, molesting […]

My body was painfully used

“My body was painfully used For someone so vicious and bad Until it was scratched and bruised Changing the life I once had This body is no longer my own I tried, but failed to take it It hurts me when I’m alone Because someone evil raped it Now I’m left to survive With pain […]

I’m still suffering years later

To my abuser, When will I move on, when will I heal? When will your abuse stop feeling so real? When will it change? When will it stop? Will I ever climb this mountain will I ever reach the top? Why did you hurt me? Why didn’t you care? Why did you put me through […]

I was raped by my father and grandfather

The following article was submitted to JCW by a survivor of incest. JCW has been working to assist the survivor and her family. She asked that it be published anonymously. Growing up, I always felt something was off but I had no idea that I was being abused. It was just life as I knew […]

Understanding the New York Child Victims Act

New York passed a landmark law which extends the statute of limitations for child sex abuse, for both criminal and civil lawsuits. Attorneys Irwin Zalkin and Alex Zalkin outline the practical implications of this law for victims when pursuing sexual abuse lawsuits. They share some of the opportunities this law has created for victims who […]

Police: Suspect pretended to discuss religion to abuse girl

Police arrested a 40-year-old resident in Nahariya on suspicion of attempting to sexually assault a 14-year-old girl. The suspect entered the minor’s house on the pretense that he was distributing religious items. Once inside he kissed the girl and told her he would return later that evening. The mother documented the suspect returning to the […]

New Wall of Shame Addition – Avrumi Weiss – California

After a lengthy and thorough investigation, JCW has determined that we must warn the community of serious and credible allegations against Raphael Avraham (Avrumi) Weiss of molestation, rape and attempted rape, involving multiple male and female minors. JCW staff members have interviewed numerous parties, including alleged victims, mental health professionals, family members and friends of […]

JCW to responds to accusations that Health Minister helped Malka Leifer

The allegation that Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman used his position to help obtain a false psychiatric report in order to help Malka Leifer avoid extradition to Australia is shocking but unfortunately not at all surprising. JCW hired a private investigator to expose Malka Leifer’s claim that she was unfit to stand trial as nothing […]

40-year-old man accused of abusing his son and other children

A 40-year-old haredi Gush Etzion resident was arrested following a report that his son exhibited signs of years of physical abuse. During the interrogation, the police uncovered that the man would handcuff the hands and feet of his son, and beat and choked him until he bled. Following his arrest, a number of additional complaints […]

NYC & Israel Alert! Yitzi Rosman charged with child sexual abuse

On April 4th, Yitzi/Yitzchak Rosman (aka Eugene) was arrested and subsequently indicted on multiple charges of child sexual abuse of a minor. SVU detectives are urging anyone who has information or who has been hurt by this man to call Detective Lavin of the Special Victims Unit at 718-330-5676 or 929-354-5790. If you are in […]

Rabbinical Alliance of America hosts event at molestors home

Recently, the Rabbinical Alliance of America hosted its Rosh Chodesh Shevat Conference at the home of Yitzchak (Yitzy) Hecht in Brooklyn, NY. JCW exposed Hecht on the Wall of Shame years ago after multiple victims came forward with serious and credible allegations of sexual abuse. On the morning of the event, JCW informed the RAA […]

Convicted Child Rapist Sues JCW for Cautioning Community

In June 2016, JCW shared information about the release of Daniel Sunray from an Israeli prison, where he had completed a six-year sentence for molesting and raping six children. In April 2016, we again alerted the community that Sunray had moved to NY. We shared this information to warn the community about a man who […]

ISRAEL ALERT – Eliyahu Shafran has been added to the Wall of Shame – אליהו שפראן

  בשנת 2013 אליהו שפראן הואשם בבית משפט מחוזי בירושלים במספר אישומים של תקיפה מינית בקטינים, לאחר שהואשם בפגיעה במספר ילדות קטינות.   שפראןהיה סופר סת”ם ובעל תפקיד במטבח של בית הכנסת בקהילה לה השתייך, תפקידים אלו סייעו לו לקבל גישה לילדות הקטינות, הוא התחבר אליהן באמצעות שידול על ידי ממתקים ומתנות.   שפראן מרצה […]

Kfar Chabad Alert – Chaim Gajer – חיים גייר

חיים גייר, שנמצא ברשימת Wall of Shame של JCW, מתגורר כעת בכפר חב”ד, ישראל. בשנת 2013 דווח ל JCW על התעללות אותה ביצע גייר, זמן קצר לאחר מכן כחלק מפרויקט Project E.M.E.S התברר לנו שחיים גייר מונה למדריך במחנה קיץ. מיד התחלנו בהליך חקירה יסודי בעדיפות עליונה, הגענו ל-4 נפגעים בטווח הגילאים 8-16 שעברו פגיעה […]


Em 2015, Moises Marcos Aschendorf Ejczis foi adicionado ao “Muro da Vergonha” depois de uma extensa e completa investigação revelou acusações sérias e altamente credíveis de abuso sexual de crianças com até 13 anos de idade. Na semana passada, fomos alertados pela policia no Brasil que Moises Ejczis foi preso por ter tentado fazer sexo com uma criança de […]

Molester Confronted by JCW Working in Jerusalem Toy Shop

Dovid Drazin was added to the JCW Wall of Shame five years ago after JCW verified multiple reports against him of child sexual abuse. During his time as a “Kvutza” Student, (Kvutza is a program where 20-year-old Israeli bachurim study for a year or more in Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY), and for a number of years afterwards, […]

New Addition to Wall of Shame – Daniel Greer

In May, a federal jury ordered Daniel Greer (and his yeshiva) to pay $20 million dollars in compensative damages to a former student who Greer repeatedly raped and abused years ago. This followed a civil court proceedings in which two brave victims testified publicly about the abuse they had endured during their time at the yeshiva. The […]

New Wall of Shame Addition – Sholom Pevzner

Sholom Pevzner plead guilty in a Beer Sheva court in 2014 to molesting 4 minors. The plea deal followed a lengthy and drawn out court process, delayed when Pevsner fled the country to the US between the years of 2001 and 2013. He is currently serving his sentence of 45 months in prison, and is […]