Charges Filed Against Rabbi Shimon Amar of Ofakim for Sexual Assault

Arutz 7 reports.

Charges were filed on Wednesday against Rabbi Shimon Amar, the haredi rabbi from Ofakim arrested two weeks ago on suspicion of sexually assaulting girls who came to him for guidance.

Amar, 36, was arrested after several women complained to police that he had abused them several years earlier when they were girls.

The investigation revealed that the Rabbi would create a dependency relation with the girls before molesting and sodomizing them. The sexual assaults are believed to have continued over a long period of time.

“Immediately upon receiving complaints, an investigation was opened at the Ofakim precinct leading to the Rabbi’s arrest,” Ofakim police chief Kobi Mor told Channel 10.

“These heinous acts were committed by a person serving as the rabbi of victims who came to consult him and trusted him without question. And he chose to manipulate them for his own personal needs.”

Rabbi Amar has thoroughly denied the allegations against him.

A similar case took place over the summer, when a prominent rabbi from northern Israel was accused of sexually assaulting at least ten different women.

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