A community was with me through this journey of pain

Dear JCW,

If I were a songwriter, I would write a thank you song. But I am not, so here is my best attempt to say thank you in words that will never be sufficient for what you have done for me. Music can carry soulful tunes so please take these paragraphs and imagine them as lyrics. Let these words create a song.

Thank you, Meyer Seewald, though we do not know each other too well you have made a great impact on me as a survivor. Those nights when I was hurting in ways I felt no one understood I would scroll down your Facebook page and walla, instant healing. I felt like a community had my back. A community was with me through this journey of pain. I was not alone.

Thank you, Shana Araanson. I do not know where to begin. The endless phone calls when I couldn’t afford a therapist. You were there for me. You listened no matter how many times I called about the pain of sexual abuse. You listened. I can not stress that enough. You weren’t trying to fix me. You didn’t see me as damaged goods. But as a valuable person. You gave my life value and meaning. Thank you.

Thank you, Rivka Joseph, you gave me identification. No words can express the healing impact of that. Identification. It is one word but impacts many worlds.

Thank you, donors. You have given me an opportunity of healing by supporting JCW. I have tried it all. Searched high and low. The feeling of community and identification that JCW brings is beyond what a therapist or psychiatrist can bring. This is a special place which has touched my heart and I will forever be grateful to you for becoming a part of this place.



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