(This article first appeared in Hebrew on the Kikar Shabbat news site.) Nazareth District Court convicted R. Yaakov Deutsch of performing criminal acts on four young boys and girls. The court rejected the arguments of the Rabbi who claimed that this was a conspiracy.

Four years after the publication of the incident that caused much embarrassment to the Charedi community in Afula and to the Rabbinical Court in general, Rabbi Yaakov Deutsch, age 61, resident of Afula, and highly esteemed in his city and in Northern Israel, was convicted of heinous acts.

This morning (Tuesday) a hearing was held in the District Court in Nazareth, where Rabbi Deutsch arrived, accompanied by his lawyer. He received the verdict, with the court finding him guilty of committing grave acts.

The Rabbi was accused of carrying out criminal acts on several occasions to two boys and two girls. There are four different charges.

The affair became publicized four years ago and two years ago an indictment was filed against the Rabbi, but there were those who thought that it would end quietly.

The court accepted the claim and rejected the arguments of the Rabbi who claimed that the complaints were a conspiracy against him.


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