Dear Abusers

Dear abusers,

I’m a victim of a long and painful molestation story and I want to reach out to you to share some of my pain and give you some insight as to the amount of damage you will inflict on your prey.

Today is the anniversary of my abuse. Yesterday was the anniversary, and tomorrow will be the anniversary as well. I was abused practically every single day for a long time and I therefore have many anniversaries.

Although the abuse was over many years ago, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t suffer from it. Some days the pain is small and bearable and some days like today, the pain is so immense, that it takes over my entire self and feels as though it will never pass. It does however pass, but only for a short period until I get my next wash over.

Would you take a child or teenager and tie them down and cut them up into pieces? Would you take them and choke them to death? Would you take them and throw them off a tall building. I’m assuming the answer is no. I’m assuming you have enough decency not to do that.

However, when you abuse those pure innocent children and teenagers you are doing precisely that. You are ripping them apart. You are choking them to death. You are throwing them off a building. Although it doesn’t seem like that to you or to anyone else for that matter, it’s the painful truth.

Honestly, if you would have thrown them off a building they would have been better off. They would have died on the spot. They would die once and the pain would be over. However, when you abuse children, you are killing them many times over and over again. When you are done your abuse on them and move on to your next victim you forget about them.

However now they are forced to live death every single day. To be thrown off a cliff every day and being that victims are fighters they will climb back up. However all it takes is a trigger, a flashback or a memory and they fall again down the same rocky and familiar cliff.

At the bottom of the cliff they are hurting, they are gasping for some sense of relief and respite from their past. They then gather enough strength to climb back up only to be thrown down again.

Do you now see how they are living a life of continuous death? Do you see what you did to them? Do you see why it would have been so much better for them if you would have actually thrown them off a real cliff and killed them. It’s so much easier to die once than to die every single day.

This is what you’re about to do to your next victim. Because of your sick mind and selfish desires you are murdering a child. You are damaging them for life. Is this what you really want on your history page which will be looked over on the day of truth? Is this what you really need to do to sooth your sick brain? Why can’t you go for help? Why can’t you go to rehab? Why can’t you face yourself with pure honesty and take care of your painful truths.

Instead, we are the ones that need to go for help. We are the ones that need to go to rehab. We are the ones that have to face our painful memories and deal with them every day. We are the ones who spend tens of thousands of dollars to heal. Where’s the fairness in that? Can we charge you the cost of rehab? Can we charge you the thousands upon thousands of dollars that we spent on healing?

I know you won’t pay it so I’m not even attempting to ask you for it. Just know that the day of truth is coming. It will be on that day that your life’s history will be made public for all to see. There will be no more denial then. There will be no more hiding. You will then feel some of the shame and guilt that we have felt ever since the first time you touched us.

Please do it now before it’s too late. Leave your next victim alone. You’ve murdered enough children and now it’s time to stop and seek help. Go to rehab. You’re a danger to the society. Go face yourself and be honest and deal with your demons. We do that all the time, now it’s your turn!

-A Survivor

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