Dear Jewish Community Watch

Dear Jewish Community Watch,

When hurt, we fill with feelings of hate, regret, and shame
Our whole entire life almost feels like a game
A long and painful game, one which we have never played
The game is against us; we start to lose, and begin to fade

It is lonely and very daunting
And the tension keeps on mounting
“Please,” we want to scream, but who is there to listen
Who is there to talk to and make us glisten?

Is there anybody out there? Anyone, hello?
A friend that we can tell, a truly caring fellow
The answer may be yes, but the answer may be no
For those who have a yes, they are free to go

But for those who get a no, their life begins to melt
They start to tear; or ignore what they have ever felt
For those who get a no, if they tear, who is there to see?
If they ignore what they have felt, is that a real way to be?

Good days, bad days, we all have them for sure
But for souls that have been tantalized, these are so much more
JCW wipes away our tears, and paves the way for our success
Their attentive guidance and support is nurturing, nothing less

We owe them our life, in many, many ways,
To get through each moment and struggle and phase
Our dream and our hope is to in infiltrate our life
with the strength that they stand for; they gave us back life

There is so much more to say about the work they do
If there was an extra million dollars, that’s where it should go
They give and give and give until they can’t give any more
And then they somehow manage to give a little more

— by a survivor of sexual abuse abused by a teacher for over a year at the ages of 10 and 11

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