Do you stand with JCW?

By now you are familiar with JCW’s accomplishments.

In six years, JCW has fundamentally changed the way our community reacts to child sexual abuse.

  •       The stigma of abuse has been significantly reduced.
  •       Far more parents know how to protect their children.
  •       Abuse is reported to the authorities at a much higher level.
  •       Institutions are beginning to take responsibility for protecting the children in their care.

But with all of the hard-fought progress, we cannot afford to let up the pressure for even a second. There are still hundreds of abusers who must be investigated and exposed, there are thousands of survivors who trust us to support them and we need an uncompromising voice to hold our community leaders accountable.

That is why we are asking YOU to join JCW’s campaign.

We need 1,000 JCW Champions to commit A minimum of $1 a day to JCW.


For less than the price of a coffee, you can be a partner in our lifesaving work.

1,000 donors may sound like a big number, but consider the following:

  • 4,500 people have attended our events
  • Over 100,000 people have visited our Wall of Shame and been warned of dangerous predators
  • Over 1,200 survivors have received help and support from JCW
  • Our educational videos have been viewed 700,000 times

But the most important number is: ONE.


We need YOU to make that commitment now. We need you to join forces with us.

We need to feel the support of the community standing behind our holy mission.

Click HERE to make the pledge now. Become a JCW champion today.


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