Former Amsterdam Cheider Teacher Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse

Ephraim Schrijver, (30) was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, half of which was conditional for six months, for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old student of the Buitenveldert Cheder, the Orthodox Jewish school in Amsterdam.

Schrijver, who was a teacher at that time at that school, had been in pre-trial detention for 18 months and so he was released after sentencing.

When Schrijver worked as a teacher in 2012, he massaged and touched a 13-year-old student several times over his entire body. The boy was vulnerable and going through a difficult time in his life, and Schrijver took advantage of this.

The Public Prosecutor had sought a full five-year prison term. Evidence was presented that Schrijver had abused four pupils at the school, but the court only convicted him of offences against one boy.

The school authorities – led by Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs – initially declined to press charges after holding an internal investigation and only reported the matter to police several months later after the education minister intervened. By that time Schrijver had already left for Israel. He was extradited to the Netherlands from Israel in 2016.

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