Haredi Girls Sexually Abused, Families Follow Rabbinic Instruction, Refuse to Comply with Police

Republished from Kikar Shabbat, translated from Hebrew

By Zvika Gronich

March 19, 2015

Despite the alleged abuse suffered by their daughters, the families of the victims in the Haredi community of Modi’in Illit refuse to cooperate with the police who are trying to gather the necessary evidence to bring charges against their attacker.

The alleged attacker is Eliyahu Bvarmana, a 30 year-old bus driver from Bnei Brak. He is suspected of abusing the girls for six years, but was only arrested last week after he attacked a 5 year-old girl in the stairwell to her home.

Police have required that an indictment be brought against the perpetrator soon but, according to the website Walla, the families and the children have refused to cooperate. This is reportedly because rabbis have signed an illegal agreement with the child molester, insisting that he undergo medical and psychological treatment.

The police, however, have reported that the suspect had stopped the treatment on his own, thereby violating the agreement he made. Likewise, the conclusion of his therapy led to him continuing in his ways, as is evidenced by the child who was just trying to get home when she was approached by him.

The girl started to scream for help, arousing the attention of her father and neighbors who chased the escaping suspect until he was eventually caught. Police were called to the scene, arriving within minutes to arrest the suspect, who denied all allegations during his initial interrogation.

“In some cases we are hindered by the Statute of Limitations but, unfortunately, in other cases we see the families of the victims refusing to go against the ruling of their rabbis. They therefore do not update the police and refuse to cooperate and to give evidence,” a police source told Walla.

The suspect’s detention as been extended until Sunday by the vice president of the Tel Aviv Magistrate, Judge Benny Sagi.

Please note that a number of the leading Charedi Rabbis have ruled that abusers must be reported to police.

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  1. By not reporting or co-operating with the police both the rabbis and parents are just as guilty as the abuser and should be charged.

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