Inquiry: Amsterdam Cheder still not protecting children

Over the last couple years, JCW has been sharing the allegations that the board of the Jewish cheder of the Netherlands, and specifically Rabbi Binyamin Jacobs, intentionally acted to cover up abuse taking place in the school.

A follow-up inquiry by the Ministry of Education (Education Inspectorate), released this week, has revealed that 8 months later, the situation in the school has hardly changed at all.

The report specifically states that the ministry believes the board of the school might once again mishandle allegations of improper behavior or abuse, should any arise today. The report indicated that there have been no efforts made by the school to reduce the potential risk to children in their care, and most disturbingly, the ministry has little confidence that the board would report allegations of sexual abuse to the authorities, should any arise.

Additionally, the report reveals that while Rabbi Jacobs did resign from the board (following tremendous pressure and after the NIHS severed ties with him) he was simply moved to the position of chairman of the board of advisors.

You can read the Dutch News report here.

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