By Shana Aaronson | 2023-06-25

By Shana Aaronson, director of JCW-Israel

Unless you live under a rock, over the last week you have heard this horrific news of the rape of a 7 year old girl by an Arab janitor in her school. You have read this article and tens of others like it; you have read every disgusting horrible pornographic detail of how she was dragged, held, down, mocked, and raped. 
You have seen an appropriate, collective national (and international) horror in response to this vile evil perpetrated against an innocent child.

Except for one small thing. 
You have not actually seen this article
Because this little 7 year old girl is a different 7 year old girl.

This little 7 year old girl was raped by a Jew.

So no, you have not heard her story. 
You have not heard whether he took off her clothes and held her down while he raped her. 
You have not heard any collective voice of horror. 
You have not heard a single voice of outrage by any politician. 
Her story has not flooded your newsfeed. 
You have heard nothing because quite simply, nobody much cares.

It is a pathetic indictment of our country and community that child rape matters only when it can be used to further a political agenda. 
When her rights to privacy were trampled and the most devastating details of a little girl’s lifetime have been laid bare for the world, not out of care for her or other children like her, but because her story gains them political poker chips. 
There is a numbing hypocricy when the same politicians who are, at best, deaf and blind to child rape in this country (and at worst, active enablers of child sexual abuse) are so quick to scream for blood when, and ONLY when, it suits their agendas so perfectly. 
And to any and all of you who have never given a moment’s thought or post to child sexual abuse and suddenly have felt the need to voice your intense outrage and horror for this, yes just this, one victim; and tomorrow will return to not caring, you are just as hypocritical.

I have to be honest, this whole last week I have been emotionally shredded over this. For this little girl, for whom the internet will now be a mortal enemy, preserving every minute detail and memory so that no amount of therapy or support will ever, ever let her forget. She has to live with both the indescribable trauma of rape and the constant reminders and invasions of her privacy from a society obsessed with her personal hell. 
And for this other little girl, and all the other little girls and boys like her, who have been and will be assaulted and raped, in a society where nobody cares.

Please note that the charges against the Arab suspect in one of the above mentioned cases were dropped on June 25th due to a lack of evidence.



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