JCW to responds to accusations that Health Minister helped Malka Leifer

The allegation that Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman used his position to help obtain a false psychiatric report in order to help Malka Leifer avoid extradition to Australia is shocking but unfortunately not at all surprising.

JCW hired a private investigator to expose Malka Leifer’s claim that she was unfit to stand trial as nothing more than a shameful fraud to avoid justice. Leifer’s defense team has used a host of underhanded tactics to drag the proceedings out as long as possible and make a mockery of Israel’s criminal justice system.

Deputy Health Minister Litzman himself has a long history of showing concern for the abuser over the victim, most recently, with his multiple visits to convicted predator Rabbi Eliezer Berland who’s victims included at least one minor.

We demand a full and complete investigation into Deputy Health Minister Litzman and speedy extradition of Malka Leifer to Australia.

The world is watching.

Meyer Seewald
Founder and director
Jewish Community Watch

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