Jewish Community Watch to Raise $500,000 Over 24 Hours

All donations made to Jewish Community Watch from July 7 at 3pm (EDT) till July 8 at 3pm will be matched by three groups of donors.

Since its founding in 2011, Jewish Community Watch (JCW) has made a name for itself as a result of its bold approach to combating child sexual abuse in the orthodox Jewish community. Operating under the motto of “Educate, Prevent, Heal,” JCW provides therapy and supports survivors, educates parents and schools, and investigates and exposes abusers within the Orthodox community.

Last July, JCW raised over $150,000 over a 24 hour span using the Charidy crowdfunding platform, which quadruples the impact of the donations by the organization finding three groups of donors who match every dollar donated until the goal is reached. Charidy campaigns last for only 24 hours and require the goal to be reached or else the organization receives nothing.

JCW’s 2015 campaign will begin at 3pm EDT on July 7. The matching donors are Eli Nash, the Arora Nash Foundation, David Schottenstein, Yosef Gurwitz, Chaim M. Hazzan, Mark Horowitz, Chana Holtzberg, Ryan Shapiro, and a gift in loving memory of Yitzhak Meir.

Over the past year, JCW has grown exponentially. Nine events were held across the United States and Israel that were directed towards spreading awareness and education of child sexual abuse and were attended by over 3,300 people. JCW’s comprehensive website lists abusers in the orthodox community, presents educational resources for parents and survivors, and offers resources for survivors to get the help they need. Since its 2014 launch, it has generated 220,848 unique visitors who viewed 1,078,718 total pages. The 31 educational videos that were created have been viewed a total of 261,171 times so far.

The other primary focus of JCW is to provide support and therapy for survivors of sexual abuse and to assist them on their road to healing. Over 1,000 survivors reached out to JCW throughout the past year and JCW has helped them by referring them to therapy and offered subsidies, filing police reports, and by offering moral support.

As more people become aware of the incredible work that JCW is doing, more victims are reaching out to them for assistance. For this reason, JCW will continue to grow, by creating new programs such as an online support community that will be monitored by JCW staff and therapists on their website as well as by creating a “Find Help Near You” resource tab online that will speedily locate a list of nearby therapists, treatment centers, and support groups that are tailored for the orthodox community. With these plans and more JCW looks towards the future.

“JCW never intended to be a large organization,” said Jewish Community Watch’s founder Meyer Seewald. “It was born out of need to stop the epidemic of child sexual abuse and coverups. But once we started this mission we began to see an even greater need to expand in order to help even more people. As the number of cases that we receive grows, our organization needs to respond in turn in order to help victims on a broader, deeper scale.

“Beyond the money, every person who donates is choosing to make a statement that they stand for uncompromisingly protecting our children against abuse and that they stand with survivors. This is tremendously empowering for survivors and for JCW. And as a community, we can remain proud, knowing that so many thousands of people are taking a stand by creating awareness of this epidemic through going to events and by offering support to its victims.”

You can view the matching campaign and make a donation here:

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