Leading Posek Rav Dovid Cohen strongly endorses letter by over 100 Rabonim to report abuse to police

Please see this interview that R’ David Lichtenstein did last week Motsai Shabbos with Harav Dovid Cohen, shlita.

R’ Lichtenstein asked him regarding a recent letter Harav Fuerst in Chicago led and which over 100 Rabonim signed urging the reporting of child abuse to civil authorities. Harav Dovid Cohen gives his strong endorsement of the letter. He stated that he had been ruling for over 20 years to report allegations of child abuse to civil authorities and was not sure why this letter is even necessary. Harav Cohen says you should go “directly” to civil authorities and there is no need to ask Rov first. Harav Cohen further says child molesters should be locked in prison for life given the high rate of recidivism. Rav cohen also said that historically many Rabonim do not understand the devastating lifelong effects that CSA has on its victims.

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