Man arrested for sexually assaulting 13-year-old boy in a Modiin Illit mikveh

A resident of Modiin Illit complained to the police two weeks ago that a man assaulted his 13-and-a-half-year-old son in a mikveh in the town. The father encountered the suspect after the assault, and asked him to wait for the police to arrive. However, the man refused and fled. Late last week, the boy’s father met the suspect in the street. He called the police and the man was arrested.

According to details shared with BeHadrei Hareidim, the assault took place in the showers while the mikveh was full of men. The boy told his father what had happened immediately and pointed out the man, who is in his thirties, lives in the area and is a father to a number of children. 

According to the boy’s father, the police conducted no investigations in the two weeks since he originally reported the crime. The family’s attorney accused the police of negligence and said that the failure to investigate means that the police collected no evidence.

According to the father, the assault took place on a Friday afternoon, two or three hours before the start of Shabbat. The suspect, via his lawyer, claims that he ran home because of Shabbat preparations and not to avoid the police. His lawyer described the suspect as “an Avrech, a Yireh Shamayim”.

Because of the lack of physical evidence or witnesses, the suspect was released after a day in custody. The investigation continues.

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