Mother finds out husband is molesting their children

BeHadrei Haredim interviewed a woman in Israel who works round the clock to sustain her family after her husband was jailed for abusing her daughters.
The piece explains how the mother, “Rachel”, was called in by her daughter’s school.  The principal told her that her daughter had complained to the school psychologist she was enduring daily sexual abuse from her father. The principal showed her evidence that led her to believe it.
When “Rachel” came home that evening, she asked her older daughter who broke down in tears and told her everything. She immediately took both children to the police to report the crimes.
Her husband confessed to everything, saving the family from a trial and is currently in prison.
“I was married to a sick man who hurt my daughters every day. My husband, the man I chose to live beside and start a family with, was the man who damaged my daughters’ souls and bodies. I never suspected and never dreamed in my darkest nightmares that a father could touch his daughters, and I never imagined that my daughters’ father would be their biggest nightmare,” she told reporter Farley Morgenstern.
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